Daily Lessons for Teaching A Woman Alone: Autobiographical Writings

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Beginnings, South Africa, 1937-1964)


"A Woman Alone" is divided into chapters, grouped together by time periods of Bessie Head's life. Each chapter is comprised of short writings of different genre types. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss the organizational style of the book.


1) Class Discussion: Given this type of organization, were you able to follow Bessie's story? Did you find the transition between segments smooth? Confusing? Do you feel that you received the full story of Bessie's years in Africa with this type of organization? Do you think a book written in a more traditional style with regular chapters would have been easier to follow?

2) Partner Activity: Choose a partner and discuss the following: As we learned from Chapter 1, Bessie had a difficult time transitioning her stories from ideas to paper. Do you think that the organizational style of this book was easier for her? Was...

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