A Woman Alone: Autobiographical Writings Character Descriptions

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Bessie Amelia Head

This individual is born to parents of mixed race. Despite mental instability and religious turmoil, this person succeeds in teaching and has a successful journalism career. This person leaves South Africa for Botswana due to political turmoil.

The People of Botswana

This group is mystical, spiritual, calm, and uninterested in change. They mostly want to be left alone.

The South African Blacks

This group struggles against oppression.

The Afrikaners

This oppressive group descended from Dutch settlers and are brutal rulers.

Bessie Amelia Emery

This person suffers from mental illness and gives birth in a mental hospital.

Head's Father

This person manages race horses for a wealthy white family.

Nellie Heathcote

This person is a good Catholic and adopts the author.

Alice Birch

This person is a missionary who places the author in an Anglican boarding school.


This is a group that teaches Christianity.

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