A Woman Alone: Autobiographical Writings Character Descriptions

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Bessie Amelia Head - This individual is born to parents of mixed race. Despite mental instability and religious turmoil, this person succeeds in teaching and has a successful journalism career. This person leaves South Africa for Botswana due to political turmoil.

The People of Botswana - This group is mystical, spiritual, calm, and uninterested in change. They mostly want to be left alone.

The South African Blacks - This group struggles against oppression.

The Afrikaners - This oppressive group descended from Dutch settlers and are brutal rulers.

Bessie Amelia Emery - This person suffers from mental illness and gives birth in a mental hospital.

Head's Father - This person manages race horses for a wealthy white family.

Nellie Heathcote - This person is a good Catholic and adopts the author.

Alice Birch - This person is a missionary who places the author in an Anglican boarding school...

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