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Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows Ged the way to the court?

2. Why does Ged want to go to Roke?

3. Why is Ged nervous about entering the inlet?

4. Into what does Serrett turn herself?

5. About whom does Ged constantly ask?

Short Essay Questions

1. Has Ged completed a full circle of his life?

2. Do you think Ged achieves everything in his life he wanted to do?

3. What does Ged learn from his confrontation with Skiorh?

4. How is it important to the story that Ged's mother died during his early childhood?

5. How does Ged know he is going in the right direction?

6. How does Ged's meeting with Serret show a coming of age?

7. Why is it important that the reader does not know the victor of the fight until Vetch asks him?

8. What does it symbolize that Ged cannot get back to Roke?

9. What does it show that Ged respects the couple's decision to stay on the island?

10. Is Ged romantically interested in Yarrow?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the Wizard of Earthsea, a person's and even an animal's name is kept secret and if said by someone else can cause that person or animal to lose power. Why do you think names are so important in the book? Why do the wizards change their names?

Essay Topic 2

Using examples from the book discuss how Ged's personal journey makes a complete circle? Does he re-live similar situations? How does he react differently to them the second time round?

Essay Topic 3

The world of Earthsea consists of a series of islands such as Roke, Gont, and Osskil.

1) Take one of the islands in the book and describe its layout and population. What is the main industry? What is the landscape? What kind of food do they eat? Do you think they resemble any real countries?

2) Why do you think Le Guin makes her world up of islands? How does it affect the characters' actions and behavior? How do you think the novel would be different if it was set in one country?

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