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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Yarrow desperate to know?
(a) Wizadry
(b) Where Ged met her brother
(c) Why he is being followed by a shadow
(d) If Ged is single

2. Who does Ged say won the fight?
(a) Ged did
(b) Neither of them
(c) The Shadow
(d) Ogion

3. to where does Ged sail?
(a) Orrimy
(b) Terrenon
(c) Roke
(d) Husk

4. About whom does the woman tell Ged?
(a) Ogion
(b) Shadow
(c) Lord Benderesk
(d) Master Changer

5. What has Ged developed?
(a) His wizard skills
(b) A beak
(c) Talons instead of hands
(d) Hawk mannerisms

6. What does Ogion advise Ged to do?
(a) Runaway from the shadow
(b) Go back to school
(c) Talk to the shadow
(d) Fight the shadow

7. Whose point of view does Le Guin switch to when Ged fights the Shadow?
(a) The Shadow's
(b) Ogion's
(c) Yarrow's
(d) Vetch's

8. What does Ged find out about the shadow?
(a) It does not like to be touched
(b) It wants to take over Ged's soul
(c) Spells do not affect it
(d) It does not like to be chased

9. How does Ged reward the man for giving him the boat?
(a) Gives him an endless supply of cigarettes
(b) Cures his cataract
(c) Cures his insanity
(d) Finds him a wife

10. What does one village tell him?
(a) That he will soon die
(b) That they know his real name
(c) That he is evil
(d) That they have seen him walking on water

11. Why is Ged nervous about entering the inlet?
(a) It is dark
(b) He is hearing funny noises
(c) The shadow might kill him
(d) The tight space

12. What do Ged and Vetch head into after Atowell?
(a) A cave
(b) A storm
(c) Unchartered waters
(d) Darkness

13. Why won't Ged's spells work?
(a) Because the storm is one of Roke's safety spells
(b) He has forgotten an essential word.
(c) Because killing the dragon had drained all of Ged's power
(d) Because Pechvarry cursed him.

14. What is Ged reluctant to do?
(a) Change salt water into fresh water
(b) Look for the Shadow
(c) Go ashore
(d) Talk to villagers

15. Where does Vetch find Ged after he has fought the shadow?
(a) In a cave
(b) Suspended from a tree
(c) On the beach
(d) In the ocean

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ged acquire in Westhand

2. Where does Ged wake up?

3. How many people does Ged find sitting in the shack

4. Where does Ged next see the Shadow?

5. Where does Ged see the shadow resting when he enters the inlet?

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