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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On which island does Ged stop next?
(a) Roke
(b) Jiffy
(c) Valentine
(d) Iffish

2. Who is listening to their conversation?
(a) Ogion
(b) Lord Benderesk
(c) Master Weaver
(d) Master Changer

3. What is Ged reluctant to do?
(a) Change salt water into fresh water
(b) Look for the Shadow
(c) Go ashore
(d) Talk to villagers

4. Where does Ged see the shadow resting when he enters the inlet?
(a) On his shoulder
(b) On the water's surface
(c) On the bow of the boat
(d) On the stern of his boat

5. What tells Ged he is heading in the right direction?
(a) The islanders keep telling him they've seen his double
(b) He can tell from his map
(c) He is heading towards stormy weather
(d) He can sense the Shadow

6. What does Ged buy from a local man on Gont island?
(a) A sword
(b) A small boat
(c) Some food
(d) Medicine

7. What does Benderesk conjure to chase Ged and Serrett?
(a) Ancient birds
(b) Bats
(c) Flying monkeys
(d) Doves

8. What does Yarrow feel about Ged's future?
(a) Sickness
(b) Danger
(c) Death
(d) Happiness

9. To what part of Iffish does Ged go?
(a) Northreach
(b) Southreach
(c) Eastreach
(d) Westreach

10. How does Ged try to get past the storm?
(a) Taking one of the ship's safety boats
(b) Taking a longer route
(c) With spells
(d) Swimming

11. What do Ged and Vetch head into after Atowell?
(a) A storm
(b) Unchartered waters
(c) Darkness
(d) A cave

12. Who does Ged say won the fight?
(a) Ged did
(b) The Shadow
(c) Neither of them
(d) Ogion

13. Why does Ged tell Vetch to row?
(a) They need to get away from the shadow
(b) The sail is broken
(c) They are coming towards land
(d) He thinks Vetch is being too lazy

14. What has Ged developed?
(a) His wizard skills
(b) Talons instead of hands
(c) A beak
(d) Hawk mannerisms

15. Why won't Ged's spells work?
(a) Because Pechvarry cursed him.
(b) He has forgotten an essential word.
(c) Because the storm is one of Roke's safety spells
(d) Because killing the dragon had drained all of Ged's power

Short Answer Questions

1. On whose arm does Ged land?

2. What does Ged feel from the stone?

3. What is Vetch worried about when he finds Ged?

4. What was Ged's Shadow's name?

5. On what island is the Court of Terrenor located?

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