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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ged help the couple before he leaves?
(a) He gives them a spell book
(b) He sweetens their well water
(c) He gives them a herd of cows.
(d) He provides them with chickens

2. Why are the couple on the island?
(a) They got shipwrecked.
(b) They were abandoned there during a coup.
(c) They became sick of the easy life.
(d) The love they feel for each other is frowned upon in their own country.

3. Which port does the ship sail into on the way to Havnor?
(a) Orrimy
(b) Terrenor
(c) Roke
(d) Osskil

4. For what reason do the villagers tell Ged to move on?
(a) They do not want the shadow on their island
(b) They already have a wizard
(c) Wizard's are not welcome
(d) He has a bad aura

5. How does Ged reward the man for giving him the boat?
(a) Cures his cataract
(b) Gives him an endless supply of cigarettes
(c) Finds him a wife
(d) Cures his insanity

6. What does Ged find out about the shadow?
(a) It wants to take over Ged's soul
(b) It does not like to be chased
(c) It does not like to be touched
(d) Spells do not affect it

7. In what direction do Ged and Vetch travel?
(a) East
(b) West
(c) South
(d) North

8. What is Ged reluctant to do?
(a) Change salt water into fresh water
(b) Go ashore
(c) Look for the Shadow
(d) Talk to villagers

9. Why does Ged have to stop chasing the shadow?
(a) The shadow begins chasing him
(b) Because of a storm
(c) Ged has no energy left
(d) Because of fog

10. What is the woman's name?
(a) Rose
(b) Denise.
(c) Serrett
(d) Gullivere

11. What saves Ged from drowning?
(a) A dolphin takes him to shore
(b) A hawk carries him to shore
(c) A wave carries him to shore
(d) He finds a piece of driftwood

12. What does Ged turn himself into to fight the birds?
(a) An owl
(b) An eagle
(c) A hawk
(d) A buzzard

13. How does Ged say he defeated the Shadow?
(a) He exposed it to fire.
(b) He called to the gods for help
(c) He said its name
(d) He cast a spell to send it back from where it came

14. Who does Ged find on the island?
(a) Master Changer
(b) The Shadow
(c) Ogion
(d) Jasper

15. What does the shadow feel like when Ged grabs him?
(a) Like water
(b) Hot
(c) Cold
(d) Like air

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Ged's spells work?

2. What does Vetch insist on doing?

3. What is Vetch's sister's name?

4. Where does the woman say Ged is?

5. Towards what island does Ged sail?

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