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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ged want to go to Roke?
(a) He wants to see his friends
(b) He wants a job at the school
(c) It is the only place he feels safe
(d) He needs to get some spells

2. What is the woman's name?
(a) Gullivere
(b) Denise.
(c) Rose
(d) Serrett

3. To what part of Iffish does Ged go?
(a) Northreach
(b) Westreach
(c) Eastreach
(d) Southreach

4. What do Ged and Vetch teach the islanders on Atowell?
(a) Ancient writings
(b) Ancient recipies
(c) Spells
(d) Songs of Lore

5. Where do Ged and Vetch travel to after the fight?
(a) Osskil
(b) Iffish
(c) Roke
(d) Atowell

6. What does Ged see on the island?
(a) A shack
(b) A mansion
(c) Human bones
(d) A TV tower

7. In what direction do Ged and Vetch travel?
(a) North
(b) South
(c) East
(d) West

8. What does Ged acquire in Westhand
(a) A bigger boat
(b) Clothes
(c) A slave
(d) A coat

9. Into what does Serrett turn herself?
(a) A cat
(b) A dove
(c) An owl
(d) A mouse

10. Why does Ged have to stop chasing the shadow?
(a) Ged has no energy left
(b) Because of fog
(c) Because of a storm
(d) The shadow begins chasing him

11. What does Yarrow feel about Ged's future?
(a) Happiness
(b) Sickness
(c) Danger
(d) Death

12. How does Ged help the couple before he leaves?
(a) He sweetens their well water
(b) He provides them with chickens
(c) He gives them a spell book
(d) He gives them a herd of cows.

13. How does Ged get food from villagers when he travels in search of the shadow?
(a) He begs on the street
(b) He does good deeds
(c) He threatens them at gun point
(d) He sneaks into their houses at night

14. What does one village tell him?
(a) That he is evil
(b) That he will soon die
(c) That they have seen him walking on water
(d) That they know his real name

15. Which port does the ship sail into on the way to Havnor?
(a) Osskil
(b) Roke
(c) Terrenor
(d) Orrimy

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people does Ged find sitting in the shack

2. Where does Ged wake up?

3. With whom does Vetch live?

4. What does Benderesk conjure to chase Ged and Serrett?

5. On what island is the Orrimy?

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