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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Ged and Vetch travel to after the fight?
(a) Roke
(b) Iffish
(c) Osskil
(d) Atowell

2. What does the paving stone at the base of the castle contain?
(a) Ancient souls
(b) Magic dust
(c) Water
(d) The bones of dead wizards

3. What does the seller ask for in return for the boat?
(a) Nothing
(b) A new wife
(c) A spell
(d) Children

4. How does Ged try to get past the storm?
(a) Taking a longer route
(b) With spells
(c) Swimming
(d) Taking one of the ship's safety boats

5. Into what does Serrett turn herself?
(a) An owl
(b) A mouse
(c) A dove
(d) A cat

6. Why does Ged want to go to Roke?
(a) It is the only place he feels safe
(b) He needs to get some spells
(c) He wants to see his friends
(d) He wants a job at the school

7. Why are the couple on the island?
(a) They got shipwrecked.
(b) The love they feel for each other is frowned upon in their own country.
(c) They were abandoned there during a coup.
(d) They became sick of the easy life.

8. What does Ged do the next day after the villagers suggest he leaves?
(a) He goes for a walk
(b) He casts a spell over the village
(c) He leaves
(d) He hides in the mountains

9. About whom does Ged constantly ask?
(a) Master Namer
(b) Shadow
(c) Yarrow
(d) Vetch

10. How does Ged help the villagers?
(a) He provides them them with larger boats
(b) He provides them with healthier air
(c) He provides them with cleaner water
(d) He helps them with their personal needs

11. How does Skiorh vanish Ged's powers?
(a) By saying his name
(b) By taking his clothes
(c) By sellotaping his mouth
(d) By casting a spell

12. Which port does the ship sail into on the way to Havnor?
(a) Orrimy
(b) Roke
(c) Osskil
(d) Terrenor

13. How does Ged help the couple before he leaves?
(a) He gives them a herd of cows.
(b) He gives them a spell book
(c) He sweetens their well water
(d) He provides them with chickens

14. Where does Vetch find Ged after he has fought the shadow?
(a) In the ocean
(b) On the beach
(c) Suspended from a tree
(d) In a cave

15. What does the shadow feel like when Ged grabs him?
(a) Like water
(b) Hot
(c) Cold
(d) Like air

Short Answer Questions

1. On which island does Ged stop next?

2. On what island is the Orrimy?

3. For what reason do the villagers tell Ged to move on?

4. What does Ged acquire in Westhand

5. To where does Ged find a ship to sail?

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