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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ged do when Pechvarry's son dies?
(a) Destroys his body
(b) Shows Pechvarry that his son's new life will be very comfortable
(c) Goes home
(d) Follows him into the land of the dead

2. What is special about the man from the mountains?
(a) He is King of Gont
(b) He is the son of a God
(c) He is a great wizard
(d) He is a Gont Prince

3. What is Duny's father's occupation?
(a) Iron monger
(b) Goldsmith
(c) Blacksmith
(d) Bronzesmith

4. Why does Duny's Aunt try to weave a spell over him?
(a) To cure his blindness
(b) To make him disappear
(c) To make him fall in love with her
(d) To keep him in her power.

5. Who does Ged meet in a meadow?
(a) A witch
(b) An evil wizard
(c) An enchantress
(d) A beautiful girl

6. Why does Ged refuse to show the boys any of his spells?
(a) He wants to remain an enigma
(b) He promised Ogion
(c) They are not very good
(d) He does not know any

7. to which island does Ged move?
(a) Torning
(b) San Marino
(c) Iceland
(d) Winbourne

8. What is Duny's new name?
(a) Liddle
(b) Ged
(c) Curly
(d) Gadge

9. Who challenges Ged to a battle?
(a) Vetch
(b) Jasper
(c) Freddie
(d) Master Namer

10. Who manages to rouse Ged from his coma?
(a) Ogion
(b) Vetch
(c) Otak
(d) Pechvarry

11. What does Master Namer teach him?
(a) Ancient spells
(b) The etiquette of a wizard
(c) Ancient names
(d) Ancient history

12. What kind of people occupy Torning?
(a) Fishing people
(b) Criminals
(c) Princes
(d) Factory workers

13. To what kind of animal does Duny hear his Aunt saying strange words?
(a) Goat
(b) Sheep
(c) Dog
(d) Cow

14. What happens to Ged immediately upon his return?
(a) He falls into a coma
(b) He falls ill
(c) He becomes insane
(d) He has a seizure

15. Where does the new Archmage come from?
(a) East Reach
(b) North Reach
(c) West Reach
(d) South Reach

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Ged says the spell?

2. Why does Ged run back home?

3. What type of spell does Ged find?

4. Why does the dragon initially refuse to deal with Ged?

5. To whom does Jasper introduce Ged?

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