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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of animal does Ged meet on his way back from Master Namer's?
(a) Possum
(b) Frog
(c) Squirrel
(d) Otak

2. Why does Ged repeat the dragon's name?
(a) It reduces the dragon's power
(b) It makes the dragon trust him
(c) He likes its sound
(d) It raises the dragon slayer's spirit

3. How does Ged kill the first dragon?
(a) He shoots him
(b) He chops off his head
(c) He says his name
(d) He drowns him at sea

4. Who cared for Duny when he was a child?
(a) His Grandmother
(b) His Stepmother
(c) His sister
(d) His Aunt

5. What happens when Ged says the spell?
(a) He turns into an adult wizard
(b) He falls into a coma
(c) The doors of the house fly off their hinges.
(d) The room falls cold and sinister

6. What does Ged do when Pechvarry's son dies?
(a) Destroys his body
(b) Goes home
(c) Shows Pechvarry that his son's new life will be very comfortable
(d) Follows him into the land of the dead

7. What happens to Ged immediately upon his return?
(a) He has a seizure
(b) He becomes insane
(c) He falls into a coma
(d) He falls ill

8. Where do the boys go for the battle?
(a) The local tavern
(b) Roke Knoll
(c) Roke Park
(d) Roke Castle

9. What is Duny's father's occupation?
(a) Iron monger
(b) Goldsmith
(c) Bronzesmith
(d) Blacksmith

10. Why is Ged reluctant to help Pechvarry's dying son?
(a) Pechvarry's illness is contagious
(b) He has been told not to save the dying
(c) Pechvarry refuses to pay him
(d) Pechvarry's son has an evil soul

11. Who is the master of the wizard school?
(a) Archmage Nemmerle
(b) Ogion
(c) Vetch
(d) Jasper

12. What time of year does Ged study?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Autumn
(d) Winter

13. What does Ged think the islanders are doing by responding to him in riddles?
(a) Mocking him
(b) Casting a spell
(c) Letting him know their secrets without saying directly.
(d) Testing him

14. How does Ged open the door to the wizard school?
(a) By saying his name
(b) Answering a question
(c) Reading a spell
(d) By kicking it

15. What part of Gont is East Port?
(a) Ten Elders
(b) Eleven Elms
(c) Nine Alders
(d) Ten Alders

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Ged moved to Torning?

2. On what island does Duny live?

3. From what island does Vetch come?

4. What time of the year does Ged stay with Master Namer?

5. What does Ogion say Ged has to do to hear?

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