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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, The Dragon of Pendor.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the new Archmage come from?
(a) East Reach
(b) North Reach
(c) South Reach
(d) West Reach

2. Where does Hardic have his roots?
(a) Roman philosophy
(b) Ancient speech
(c) British Science
(d) Greek philosophy

3. Where does the tribe attack begin?
(a) A nearby town.
(b) The port
(c) The Island's capital city
(d) Duny's village

4. Why does Ogion say Ged has to learn the language?
(a) He needs it to get into wizard school
(b) The two of them will be able to have deeper conversations
(c) To learn discipline
(d) It will give him more control over his spells

5. Whose spirit does Ged raise?
(a) The spirit of an earthsea legend
(b) His grandfather
(c) The spirit of the dead
(d) His mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Ged moved to Torning?

2. What does Ged do when Pechvarry's son dies?

3. What is the new Archmage's name?

4. To whom does Jasper introduce Ged?

5. What does Duny's Aunt teach him?

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