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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Hunting.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Towards what island does Ged sail?
(a) Terreror
(b) Gont
(c) Osskil
(d) Roke

2. By what other name is an Otak known as?
(a) Snoopy
(b) Walrus
(c) Hoeg
(d) Hog

3. Why has Ged moved to Torning?
(a) To sell his spells
(b) To protect the island from a dragon
(c) To open a wizard school
(d) To become a fisherman

4. Why is Ged nervous about entering the inlet?
(a) The shadow might kill him
(b) It is dark
(c) The tight space
(d) He is hearing funny noises

5. What is the first thing Ged does when he reaches the shack?
(a) Talks to the couple
(b) Has a drink
(c) Eats some food
(d) Warms himself by the fire

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jasper react to Ged not showing them any of his spells?

2. What kind of animal does Ged meet on his way back from Master Namer's?

3. What does Ged do for Pechvarry's son in the end?

4. What does Ged buy from a local man on Gont island?

5. What does the shadow trick Ged into doing?

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