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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says that names are given to things with purpose that are familiar and not mass produced?
(a) The Girlfriend.
(b) The station attendant.
(c) The Main Character.
(d) The person who picks up the cat.

2. Where does the visitor to the villa tell the Main Character that the Rat is located?
(a) He says he does not know.
(b) At the Dolphin Hotel.
(c) In the garage.
(d) He says the Rat is dead.

3. Who drives the vehicle that arrives to pick up the cat?
(a) An American with a poor accent.
(b) The Business Partner's brother-in-law.
(c) The Strange Man.
(d) The Limo Driver.

4. What does the Main Character discover when he wakes up in Chapter 33?
(a) The Girlfriend is gone.
(b) The Girlfriend is crying.
(c) There is a sheep in the room.
(d) There is an envelope on the table.

5. Where do the Girlfriend and the Main Character find a phone book to look up hotels?
(a) At the Ovine Theater.
(b) In a boutique.
(c) In the bookstore.
(d) At a restaurant.

6. What does the mirror reveal about the Sheep Man?
(a) His appearance underneath the sheep costume.
(b) His true intentions.
(c) His relationship with the Boss.
(d) He has no reflection.

7. What do the Main Character, the Girlfriend and the person who comes to pick up the cat discuss early in Chapter 24?
(a) The starred sheep.
(b) The advertising business.
(c) The superiority of animals over humans.
(d) Messages from God.

8. After the couple checks into a hotel in Junitaki, what does the Main character do?
(a) Visits the farm next door.
(b) Visits the local library.
(c) Visits the Town Hall.
(d) Talks to the concierge about the locals.

9. Why does the caretaker admit that he will not take the Main Character and the Girlfriend any further up the mountain road?
(a) He has been threatened if he takes them any further.
(b) He believes it is unlucky.
(c) He has been paid to stop here.
(d) He has run out of gas.

10. What happened to the Sheep Professor in 1935?
(a) He was entered by the Sheep.
(b) He observed a friend who was controlled by the Sheep.
(c) He gave the Sheep its powers and its star marking.
(d) He created the Sheep.

11. What does the visitor to the villa tell the Main Character to do before leaving the next day?
(a) Set the grandfather clock.
(b) Copy down the data in the book.
(c) Collect all the sheep wool he can.
(d) Unplug all the appliances.

12. What best describes the Sheep Professor?
(a) Meticulously dressed and formal.
(b) Large frame, long white hair and stinky.
(c) Slim with overgrown and graying hair.
(d) Bald, short and timid.

13. Whom does the Main Character discover at the unlucky bend in the road?
(a) The Sheep.
(b) The Girlfriend.
(c) The Sheep Man.
(d) The Strange Man.

14. Where does the couple first take a train to in Chapter 29?
(a) Asahikawa.
(b) Wakkanai.
(c) Honshukido.
(d) Shimonoseki.

15. Who does the caretaker say is living in the home on the sheep ranch that the Main Character visits in Chapter 30?
(a) The Sheep Professor's wife.
(b) The owner of the hotel the couple is staying in.
(c) The owner of the villa.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the person who picks up the cat amazed to discover?

2. What does the Sheep Professor tell Main Character and the Girlfriend that the sheep plans to do?

3. Why does the Sheep Man tell the Main Character that he fled to the mountains?

4. How many head of sheep does the livestock inspector say are in the town of Junitaki?

5. During the naming discussion in Chapter 24, what object is mentioned as a thing that is not named?

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