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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Main Character find outside of the villa that indicates someone, other than the Rat, has been there?
(a) A message stapled to a tree.
(b) Sled tracks.
(c) Cigarette butts.
(d) A woman's glove.

2. What does the person who agrees to pick up the Main Character and the Girlfriend at 8:00 the next morning in Chapter 31 warn him?
(a) That the mountain roads will be soft from rain.
(b) That they are travelling into a cursed area.
(c) That it will be a long and arduous journey.
(d) That they will be changed after their journey.

3. Who admits, after revealing the Rat's situation, to having sent the Girlfriend away?
(a) The Strange Man.
(b) The Boss.
(c) The Rat.
(d) The Sheep.

4. Where does the Main Character find sheep wool?
(a) Outside the villa.
(b) In a pillowcase.
(c) In the Girlfriend's suitcase.
(d) In a car in the garage.

5. Whom is the Kipper referred to in the name of Chapter 24?
(a) A cat the Girlfriend had as a child.
(b) A famous character from a novel.
(c) The Main Character's cat.
(d) A childhood friend of the Main Character.

6. How do the Main Character and the Girlfriend get to the station after the cat is picked up?
(a) They take the Girlfriend's car.
(b) They call a taxicab.
(c) They are taken by the same person who picks up the cat.
(d) The Strange Man sends a different car for them.

7. During the naming discussion in Chapter 24, what object is mentioned as a thing that is not named?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Plants.
(c) Computers.
(d) Buses.

8. What does the person who speaks to the Main Character in the darkness in Chapter 38 tell him about the Rat?
(a) That the Rat has killed the person who is speaking.
(b) That the Rat is dead.
(c) That the Rat is going to kill him.
(d) That the Rat needs will need his help tomorrow.

9. What object does the Main Character discover in a book at the villa while he is waiting for the Rat to arrive?
(a) The bulletin with the starred sheep.
(b) The Strange Man's business card.
(c) A paper-thin mirror.
(d) The ad he submitted seeking the Rat.

10. What do the Main Character, the Girlfriend and the person who comes to pick up the cat discuss early in Chapter 24?
(a) The superiority of animals over humans.
(b) The advertising business.
(c) The starred sheep.
(d) Messages from God.

11. Where do the Girlfriend and the Main Character find a phone book to look up hotels?
(a) At a restaurant.
(b) At the Ovine Theater.
(c) In a boutique.
(d) In the bookstore.

12. Where does the man begin his part of the search for the sheep?
(a) Travel and tourism places.
(b) The Ovine Theater.
(c) Local sheep ranches.
(d) The postcard section at the bookstore.

13. What best describes the appearance of the Dolphin Hotel?
(a) Opulent and beautiful.
(b) Seedy and slightly intimidating.
(c) Old and rundown.
(d) Old, but well cared for.

14. Where does the couple first take a train to in Chapter 29?
(a) Wakkanai.
(b) Honshukido.
(c) Asahikawa.
(d) Shimonoseki.

15. How do the Girlfriend and the Main Character feel about the Limo Driver?
(a) They like him.
(b) They are ambivalent towards him.
(c) They dislike him.
(d) They think he is hiding something.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the caretaker admit that he will not take the Main Character and the Girlfriend any further up the mountain road?

2. On what basis do the Girlfriend and the Main Character select a hotel to stay in?

3. Where does the Sheep Professor tell the Main Character and the Girlfriend that it is considered a blessing for a sheep to enter a human?

4. What does the caretaker at the ranch tell the Main Character that he must do to the sheep on the day of his visit?

5. Who does the caretaker say is living in the home on the sheep ranch that the Main Character visits in Chapter 30?

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