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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is buried in the garage?
(a) The Girlfriend.
(b) The Rat.
(c) The Sheep Man.
(d) The Sheep.

2. What is the Main Character doing on the tenth day of his visit when the Sheep Man returns to the villa?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Playing the guitar.
(c) Reading a book.
(d) Scrubbing the floor.

3. Whom is the Kipper referred to in the name of Chapter 24?
(a) A famous character from a novel.
(b) A childhood friend of the Main Character.
(c) The Main Character's cat.
(d) A cat the Girlfriend had as a child.

4. Whom does the Main Character get to agree to pickup himself and the Girlfriend at 8:00 the next morning in Chapter 31?
(a) The caretaker.
(b) A mountain guide.
(c) The livestock inspector.
(d) The caretaker's son.

5. Where does the Sheep Professor tell the Main Character and the Girlfriend that it is considered a blessing for a sheep to enter a human?
(a) Northern China and Mongolia.
(b) Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.
(c) Southern China and Vietnam.
(d) Nepal.

6. Whose suicide is revealed in Part 8?
(a) The Rat's.
(b) The Girlfriend's.
(c) The Boss's.
(d) The Sheep Man's.

7. How does the person who picks up the cat feel about caring for the cat?
(a) Mildly annoyed.
(b) Apathetic.
(c) Hostile.
(d) Genuinely pleased.

8. Whom does the Main Character discover at the unlucky bend in the road?
(a) The Sheep Man.
(b) The Sheep.
(c) The Girlfriend.
(d) The Strange Man.

9. What do the Main Character, the Girlfriend and the person who comes to pick up the cat discuss early in Chapter 24?
(a) The advertising business.
(b) The starred sheep.
(c) The superiority of animals over humans.
(d) Messages from God.

10. What vehicle is sent to pick up the cat?
(a) The Strange Man's sleek black sedan.
(b) An animal transport bus.
(c) A dilapidated taxicab.
(d) The Boss's Limo.

11. What fantasy does the man have as he is cooking dinner in Chapter 35?
(a) He imagines getting on a train.
(b) He imagines marrying the Girlfriend.
(c) He imagines cooking dinner for the Rat.
(d) He imagines owning a restaurant.

12. What best describes the Sheep Professor?
(a) Bald, short and timid.
(b) Meticulously dressed and formal.
(c) Slim with overgrown and graying hair.
(d) Large frame, long white hair and stinky.

13. After the couple checks into a hotel in Junitaki, what does the Main character do?
(a) Visits the farm next door.
(b) Talks to the concierge about the locals.
(c) Visits the local library.
(d) Visits the Town Hall.

14. How do the Girlfriend and the Main Character feel about the Limo Driver?
(a) They dislike him.
(b) They think he is hiding something.
(c) They are ambivalent towards him.
(d) They like him.

15. What strategy do the Girlfriend and the Main Character come up with for hunting the sheep?
(a) She will locate the area of the photo and he will talk to business owners.
(b) She will research sheep and he will locate the area of the photo.
(c) She will get maps of the area and he talk to sheep owners.
(d) She will interview locals and he will research sheep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the man begin his part of the search for the sheep?

2. What does the Territorial Government name the area where the Sheep Professor's homestead is located?

3. What do the Main Character and the Girlfriend observe as they go further up the mountain road?

4. What does the person who speaks to the Main Character in the darkness in Chapter 38 tell him about the Rat?

5. What does the Main Character discover when he wakes up in Chapter 33?

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