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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8, Chapter 36-37: The Wind's Own Private Thoroughfare and Things the Mirror Shows, Things the Mirror Doesn't.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fantasy does the man have as he is cooking dinner in Chapter 35?
(a) He imagines marrying the Girlfriend.
(b) He imagines getting on a train.
(c) He imagines cooking dinner for the Rat.
(d) He imagines owning a restaurant.

2. Why does the Strange Man give the Main Character a magnifying glass?
(a) To burn bugs.
(b) To look at the sheep photograph.
(c) As a form of protection.
(d) To look at a document.

3. After the couple checks into a hotel in Junitaki, what does the Main character do?
(a) Visits the Town Hall.
(b) Visits the local library.
(c) Talks to the concierge about the locals.
(d) Visits the farm next door.

4. What does the person who is at the Main Character's apartment in Chapter 2 tell him?
(a) That he is selfish.
(b) That he owes money.
(c) That he is invited to a party.
(d) That she still loves him.

5. Where did the Sheep Professor once work?
(a) The Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture.
(b) The Ministry of Science.
(c) The US Army.
(d) The Japanese Secret Service.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Main Character find on the mountain road that tells him someone else has been there recently?

2. Whom does the Limo Driver tell the Main Character gave him the important phone number?

3. Why does the Sheep Man tell the Main Character that he fled to the mountains?

4. What does the Sheep Professor tell Main Character and the Girlfriend that the sheep plans to do?

5. What object does the Main Character discover in a book at the villa while he is waiting for the Rat to arrive?

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