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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, Chapter 13-14: The Rat's First Letter and The Rat's Second Letter and Part 5, Chapter 15-16: The Song is Over and She Drinks Her Salty Dog, Talking about the Sound of the Waves.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prediction does the Girlfriend make in Chapter 6 that comes true?
(a) That the Main Character will receive a package.
(b) That the Main Character will have a visitor.
(c) That the Main Character will get a phone call.
(d) That the Main Character will get violently ill.

2. What does the Business Partner believe about the business?
(a) That it is failing.
(b) That it has great potential.
(c) That it is going to be audited.
(d) That it is overextended.

3. What does the Main Character dream about in the limo on the way to the Boss's house?
(a) A hammer and a talking sheep.
(b) Pliers and a talking cow.
(c) The Girlfriend's ears on the Strange Man's head.
(d) The Girlfriends ears sitting on the seat next to him.

4. What best describes the Girlfriend's feelings about her ears?
(a) That they are separate from the rest of her.
(b) She is greatly embarrassed by them.
(c) That they are her only source of beauty.
(d) She is very proud of them.

5. How is the Strange Man dressed?
(a) Like a bum.
(b) Formally.
(c) In a trench coat and gloves.
(d) In a polo shirt and Dockers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true of the Main Character when he arrives home in Chapter 2?

2. What does the Strange Man do as he waits for the Business Partner to arrive?

3. What are the three occupations of the Girlfriend?

4. What does the Rat send to the Main Character along with his first letter?

5. What does the Rat apologize for in his first letter to the Main Character?

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