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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1: Wednesday Afternoon Picnic)


Part 1, Chapter 1: Wednesday Afternoon Picnic

In the first chapter of A Wild Sheep Chase, the Main Character receives a call informing him of the death of a former lover (this Girl Who'd Sleep with Anyone). He cannot recall her name, although they spent every Wednesday together, and he remembers her fondly. Their relationship was mostly sexual. This chapter serves to illustrate the protagonist's lack of purpose and direction. Yet, the death and funeral seem to foreshadow a future journey with a sense of purpose. His unfulfilled dream of catching the train while at school illustrates this. This lesson examines the role of a catalyst in driving the events of the novel forward.


1) Partner Discussion: How does the funeral act as a catalyst from which this story will evolve? Use specific example from the story that you believe foreshadow or set the stage for events to...

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