A Wild Sheep Chase Character Descriptions

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Main Character

This divorced person searches for a sheep with a star on its back.


This person has three jobs and mystical powers that are attached to a body part.

The Boss

This unseen character was once tested by the military, and is now controlled by another being.

The Personal Secretary

This person works for the most powerful figure in Tokyo and desires another person's power.

The Rat

This person dies on a quest to kill another character and to destroy an empire.

The Owner

This character is a loyal child with an obsessed father.

The Sheep Professor

This character is the former Ministry of Agriculture and Forest elite, and is depressed and suicidal at the end of the novel.

The Sheep Man

This character lives in the mountains dressed as an animal.

The Sheep

This unseen character attempts to take over humanity.

The Driver

This kind...

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