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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the turn off to "all things good" the author's sixteenth summer?

2. On Fifth Avenue, the author found something he was surprised by. What was it?

3. What memory is most strong for the author as he walks down Chester Street?

4. Was the author good at handball?

5. How did Mrs. Solovey commit suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. There were many things the author liked about David's home. What was the one thing that truly made the house stand out to him?

2. What are the author's main means of escape in this section?

3. Mrs. Solovey commits suicide late in this section and it shocks the neighborhood. Describe what emotions the neighborhood go through towards the Soloveys.

4. What did the author do after the other boys had gone inside and why?

5. The author and his mother take a day trip to a local attraction. Where did they go and what did they experience?

6. How does the author describe summer in Brownsville?

7. What did the second hand furniture shops remind the author of?

8. Where did the author's walks take him when he walked to the edge of Brownsville?

9. Who were the two colorful women the author remembers in great detail?

10. The author met two boys who were part of the Socialist group, David and Isrolik. What was it about these boys that the author enjoyed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the author talks about his longing for "beyond," what does he mean and how does he feel he can accomplish this goal? Please make sure to include examples from the text in addition to your own ideas.

Essay Topic 2

Who does the author discover in the last section that makes the most impact on him? How does the author's discovery of this person lead him to even stronger feelings of "beyond' being attainable?

Essay Topic 3

In the second section, the author is given a nickname by his father. This nickname deeply affects the author. With specific examples from the text, please describe how it touched the author and how his view of his father changed at that point.

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