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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the author afraid of?

2. What language does the author share with Mrs. Solovey?

3. Why did the author believe the neighborhood madwoman stood on their stoop so long?

4. What did the author hide under his coat on the way home Passover week?

5. On Fifth Avenue, the author found something he was surprised by. What was it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was it about the Solovey's that had the entire neighborhood intrigued?

2. The author gave Mrs. Solovey an alternative name -- what was the name and why did he give it to her?

3. Where did the author's walks take him when he walked to the edge of Brownsville?

4. Who were the two colorful women the author remembers in great detail?

5. What did the author do after the other boys had gone inside and why?

6. When Mrs. Solovey makes a visit to the author's home, she engages the author in conversation but soon becomes frustrated. Why does she become frustrated?

7. What are the author's main means of escape in this section?

8. What was the reaction of the person who read the author's final high school paper?

9. The author liked to go to the courtyard to hear music, why was there always music in the courtyard?

10. Why is the idea of "beyond' so important to the author?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author speaks of his connection and disconnect with his faith. In what ways does he feel he had a lack of knowledge of faith and God? Does he feel compelled to continue his observance of the faith? What drives this?

Essay Topic 2

A continuing theme in the book is of light and darkness, both literal and metaphorical. Please give examples from the book how this is portrayed. What other ideas could be connected to the idea of light and dark?

Essay Topic 3

How much of the author's unhappiness was self-inflicted? How could he have done or interpreted things differently in his life in such a way that he would have been less resentful and more content? Cite specific examples.

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