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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the era in which the author's childhood took place?

2. What did the team receive if they won the competition between the "Army Navy" tests the civics teacher gave?

3. Where did the author run away from his father?

4. What does the author connect New York rush hour with from his childhood?

5. When the narrative begins, how many years has it been since the author left to live in "the city?"

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe his childhood perception of the distance between Brownsville and New York?

2. What did the author do after the other boys had gone inside and why?

3. When the author would play games with his friends, he would usually hide in the monument works. What was significant about the monument works?

4. The author gave Mrs. Solovey an alternative name -- what was the name and why did he give it to her?

5. The author and his mother take a day trip to a local attraction. Where did they go and what did they experience?

6. Describe what happened at the drugstore after the author's childhood therapy session.

7. Why does the author specifically remember the second street in 'From the Subway to the Synagogue'?

8. What was the author most embarrassed about during his school years? What made those years worse?

9. Why didn't the author believe his cousin and her friends were of his parent's generation?

10. What are the details the author remembers most about the drugstore?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In the second section, the author is given a nickname by his father. This nickname deeply affects the author. With specific examples from the text, please describe how it touched the author and how his view of his father changed at that point.

Essay Topic 2

The author walks through his childhood neighborhood describing significant places and moments. What could his reasoning for walking through his childhood be?

Essay Topic 3

In the group that he joins, the author meets two young men who make a significant impact on him. Who were the members and what details about these members and their surroundings drew the author in? What aspects of these characters distanced him?

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