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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of coat did Mr. Solovey wear?
(a) Trench.
(b) Cashmere.
(c) Alpaca.
(d) Wool.

2. When the author read books, he yearned for something. What did he yearn for?
(a) Someone to run with at night.
(b) Someone to walk to school with.
(c) Someone to be his true friend.
(d) Someone he could bully around.

3. Whose house did the author associate with being the furthest from home?
(a) Mrs. Rosenwasser's.
(b) Mrs. Klein's.
(c) Mrs. Deutscher's.
(d) Mrs. Hooper's.

4. Why did the author run?
(a) To train for handball.
(b) To escape the junkyard dogs.
(c) To be the first to play follow the leader.
(d) To escape his block.

5. Why did the author believe the neighborhood madwoman stood on their stoop so long?
(a) Because the only person she could relate with was his mother.
(b) Because she knew she would get more to put in her cart the longer she stayed.
(c) Because she knew he liked to watch her.
(d) Because she would forget where to go after his house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the author daydream of Mrs. Solovey?

2. What did the author and his mother admire as they walked past Belmont Avenue?

3. What political party was said to be unfriendly?

4. Why don't the children sleep inside?

5. How did Mrs. Solovey commit suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. What led the author to fantasize about Mrs. Solovey every night before bed?

2. How does the author describe summer in Brownsville?

3. When the author would play games with his friends, he would usually hide in the monument works. What was significant about the monument works?

4. Mrs. Solovey commits suicide late in this section and it shocks the neighborhood. Describe what emotions the neighborhood go through towards the Soloveys.

5. The author met two boys who were part of the Socialist group, David and Isrolik. What was it about these boys that the author enjoyed?

6. What are the details the author remembers most about the drugstore?

7. What was it about the Solovey's that had the entire neighborhood intrigued?

8. Why is the idea of "beyond' so important to the author?

9. On the day of his confirmation at thirteen, the author discovers something in his study of the Bible. What did he discover?

10. When Mrs. Solovey makes a visit to the author's home, she engages the author in conversation but soon becomes frustrated. Why does she become frustrated?

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