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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Mr. Solovey's business?
(a) It was bought by a chain.
(b) It burned down.
(c) It went bankrupt.
(d) It was robbed.

2. What could you see someone doing into the late hours of dusk in Brownsville?
(a) Boys playing handball.
(b) Someone settling down in an empty alleyway for the night.
(c) Someone stealing coal from the cellars.
(d) Someone sifting through garbage.

3. Why don't the children sleep inside?
(a) It was too hot.
(b) The cockroaches made it impossible to sleep in their bedrooms.
(c) Their parents rent out their rooms.
(d) The bedrooms are closed off to save energy.

4. Who's name was on the sign the boys pasted to the outside wall of a house on Chester Street?
(a) Dazzy Vance.
(b) Babe Ruth.
(c) Cy Young.
(d) Eddie Cicotte.

5. What did the author rejoice to see in his kitchen?
(a) A sink full of fresh produce.
(b) His dad covered in paint from his first job in some time.
(c) His cousin and her friends sitting at the table.
(d) More customers than his mother had ever had before.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the author like best about Highland Park Reservoir?

2. How did the author feel it meant to be a Jew?

3. What street was the author's house on?

4. Why did the author listen to the singers?

5. Which of the stations is the author's favorite?

Short Essay Questions

1. The author read from his prayer book every morning. What were his feelings and experiences?

2. There were many things the author liked about David's home. What was the one thing that truly made the house stand out to him?

3. Where did the author's walks take him when he walked to the edge of Brownsville?

4. What did the author spend much of his time doing when he wasn't reading or in school?

5. Who were the two colorful women the author remembers in great detail?

6. When the author would play games with his friends, he would usually hide in the monument works. What was significant about the monument works?

7. What did the author write his final high school paper on?

8. The author gave Mrs. Solovey an alternative name -- what was the name and why did he give it to her?

9. When Mrs. Solovey makes a visit to the author's home, she engages the author in conversation but soon becomes frustrated. Why does she become frustrated?

10. What led the author to fantasize about Mrs. Solovey every night before bed?

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