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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the stations is the author's favorite?
(a) Bedford Park Station.
(b) The El.
(c) Union Station.
(d) Rockaway Station.

2. What name does the author keep calling God?
(a) Elohim.
(b) Yeshua.
(c) Jehovah.
(d) El Elyon.

3. What other author did the author feel he could trust?
(a) Leo Tolstoy.
(b) Charles Dickens.
(c) Samuel Hopkins Adams.
(d) William Blake.

4. How did the author try to show his parents he loved them?
(a) He played his violin for them.
(b) He tried to get an after school job.
(c) He succeeded in school.
(d) He hugged them.

5. Who's name was on the sign the boys pasted to the outside wall of a house on Chester Street?
(a) Cy Young.
(b) Eddie Cicotte.
(c) Dazzy Vance.
(d) Babe Ruth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the boy do to win over the neighbor girl's mother?

2. What book was the author always reading on his job?

3. What emotion did the author feel when he was working during his sixteenth summer?

4. Something frightening happened to the author when we went to get coal one winter day -- what was it?

5. What political party was said to be unfriendly?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the author's main means of escape in this section?

2. What is so significant about the author not being able to find his mother during the funeral service for Mrs. Solovey?

3. How did the author feel during the summer of his first job?

4. The author and his mother take a day trip to a local attraction. Where did they go and what did they experience?

5. During the summer nights in Brownsville, many groups met to have meetings on the streets. What were some of those groups and what were their causes?

6. Mrs. Solovey commits suicide late in this section and it shocks the neighborhood. Describe what emotions the neighborhood go through towards the Soloveys.

7. What did the second hand furniture shops remind the author of?

8. What was it about the Solovey's that had the entire neighborhood intrigued?

9. When the author went to visit a friend in New York who lived in a brownstone, what did he discover?

10. The author liked to go to the courtyard to hear music, why was there always music in the courtyard?

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