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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the author and his mother admire as they walked past Belmont Avenue?
(a) The architecture of the new buildings going in.
(b) The meats hanging in the delicatessen window.
(c) The fruits and vegetables.
(d) The jars of colored water in the drugstore.

2. What book did Isrolik carry around with him?
(a) Poetry, The New Masses.
(b) The Waste Land.
(c) The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
(d) The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

3. What did the boy do to win over the neighbor girl's mother?
(a) Fix her leaky pipes.
(b) Pay her bills.
(c) Cook her dinner.
(d) Offer to become a Jew.

4. What did the fat brother that owned the barber shop put through the delicatessen window?
(a) A barrel.
(b) The skinny brother.
(c) A customer.
(d) A motorcycle.

5. What countries had the Solovey's lived in?
(a) France, Italy and Ireland.
(b) Italy, France and Scotland.
(c) Palestine, France and Italy.
(d) Palestine, England and Africa.

6. When the author read books, he yearned for something. What did he yearn for?
(a) Someone he could bully around.
(b) Someone to run with at night.
(c) Someone to be his true friend.
(d) Someone to walk to school with.

7. What did the author experience when reading the words of the little blue book?
(a) He had an moment of enlightenment.
(b) Words so descriptive he could sense what was happening in the book.
(c) The turn of every page was a labored effort.
(d) His felt his soul die. He felt too much guilt.

8. Why did the author daydream of Mrs. Solovey?
(a) He secretly loved her.
(b) She hypnotized him.
(c) She had a mysterious life.
(d) He couldn't get past the scar on her face.

9. Finish this sentence. " The Socialist Party is _______."
(a) The Third Party of Capitolism.
(b) The Second Party of Communism.
(c) The Lord's Chosen Way.
(d) The Right Hand of the Devil.

10. Who was the neighbor girl dating that her mother was ashamed of?
(a) A Negro boy.
(b) A French boy.
(c) An Irish boy.
(d) An Italian boy.

11. What smells reminded the author of the Brooklyn Bridge?
(a) Urine, sweat and oil.
(b) Bleach, ground coffee and spices,
(c) Ground coffee, spices and paint.
(d) Tar, ground coffee and soap.

12. How did the author feel it meant to be a Jew?
(a) They were free in their part of town.
(b) Their very existance was questioned.
(c) They were the most choice of people.
(d) They were superior to the other religions.

13. Was Mr. Solovey a friendly man?
(a) Yes.
(b) He was friendly when he wasn't in the drugstore.
(c) No.
(d) He was friendly when he was in the drugstore.

14. What name does the author keep calling God?
(a) Elohim.
(b) Yeshua.
(c) El Elyon.
(d) Jehovah.

15. What was the author's first idea of summer?
(a) This was the summer he was going to master follow the leader.
(b) Life could slow down.
(c) The summer could speed up.
(d) This was his summer to find a girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the summer, children sleep somewhere other than their beds in Brownsville. Where do they sleep?

2. When the author was a young man, who did he think about after he turned the light out at night?

3. What let the author know how he felt after he read his prayer book?

4. What word does the author use to describe many of the places in Pages 77-109?

5. How did the author try to show his parents he loved them?

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