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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the keyword when referred to Mendy?
(a) Hero.
(b) Sellout.
(c) Traitor.
(d) Future.

2. On Fifth Avenue, the author found something he was surprised by. What was it?
(a) A painting of a nude woman.
(b) A painting of his home country.
(c) A painting of his grandparents.
(d) A painting of his mother.

3. What emotion did the author feel when he was working during his sixteenth summer?
(a) Dread.
(b) Fear.
(c) Indifference.
(d) Happy.

4. What was the Rabbi reluctant to do at Mrs. Solovey's funeral?
(a) Allow a viewing.
(b) Say the necessary prayers inside the synagogue.
(c) Say the necessary prayers over her grave.
(d) Allow her to be burried in the synagogues cemetary.

5. What book was the author always reading on his job?
(a) Moby Dick.
(b) David Copperfield.
(c) His prayer book.
(d) Anna Karenina.

6. What political party was said to be lighthearted?
(a) Socialist.
(b) Democrat.
(c) Republican.
(d) Communist

7. Finish this sentence. " The Socialist Party is _______."
(a) The Second Party of Communism.
(b) The Lord's Chosen Way.
(c) The Right Hand of the Devil.
(d) The Third Party of Capitolism.

8. What was the author's first idea of summer?
(a) Life could slow down.
(b) The summer could speed up.
(c) This was his summer to find a girlfriend.
(d) This was the summer he was going to master follow the leader.

9. What was Mr. Solovey's jacket always covered with?
(a) Face powder.
(b) Hair.
(c) Cigarette ash.
(d) Dandruff.

10. What language was commonly used in the author's neighborhood?
(a) Russian.
(b) Hebrew.
(c) Polish.
(d) Yiddish.

11. What was the author afraid of?
(a) The cellar.
(b) The barber.
(c) The principal.
(d) The "chicken lady."

12. What book did Mrs. Solovey take the author back to?
(a) Pride and Prejudice.
(b) Anna Karenina.
(c) Jane Eyre.
(d) Dr. Zhivago.

13. What building does the author miss the most, though?
(a) The candy shop.
(b) The hardware store.
(c) The fabric shop.
(d) The drugstore.

14. Who did the shacks on Livonia Avenue start filling up with during the depression?
(a) Negroes.
(b) Jobless union workers.
(c) Irish immigrants.
(d) Communists.

15. What did the boy do to win over the neighbor girl's mother?
(a) Offer to become a Jew.
(b) Pay her bills.
(c) Fix her leaky pipes.
(d) Cook her dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the author's favorite of his Socialist party friends?

2. What was the first restaurant the author ever sat in?

3. When the author played handball, was it for fun?

4. Who was the neighbor girl dating that her mother was ashamed of?

5. What did the author think about museums and parks?

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