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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, From the Subway to the Synagogue, p. 30 - 47.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the author feel the only time his favorite food could be eaten in "good conscience"?
(a) Saturday night.
(b) Friday night.
(c) On his way home from school.
(d) After he finished playing stickball.

2. What can the author see in every ground floor kitchen window?
(a) Containers of milk and fresh poppy seed rolls.
(b) Jars of beans and fresh herbs.
(c) Lemonade and jam.
(d) Pies cooling for dessert.

3. What kind of dresses did Mrs. B wear?
(a) Stiff Nun's habits.
(b) Billowing chiffon dresses.
(c) Ankle length flowery dresses.
(d) Plain, old fashioned dressses.

4. What did the big Italians sell and during what time?
(a) Watermelons during the summer.
(b) Baked apples during the fall.
(c) Roasted nuts during the winter.
(d) Yogurt during the spring.

5. What did Mrs. E do when she abandoned her housework for a half hour every morning?
(a) She listened to her "shows" on the radio.
(b) She sat in the vegetarian restaurant.
(c) She weeded her small flower garden.
(d) She gossiped with the neighborhood ladies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who inspired the teaching style and curriculum of the author's civics teacher?

2. What does the author connect New York rush hour with from his childhood?

3. What nickname does the author give the second street?

4. The author preferred the movie house over the synagogue, why did he favor the movie house?

5. Where did the civics teacher stand during the tests he gave?

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