A Walker in the City Character Descriptions

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The Author (Alfred Kazin)

This individual is someone whose adulthood has, on some level, become as unrewarding as they believe their youth to have been.


This term is a stereotypical portrayal of culture that has many deep rooted in tradition and faith.


These are a people who, during the Great Depression, were scab labor and often walked through Brownsville on their way to and from work.


This person from the Old Testament serves as an inspiration and an intimidation to the Jewish people through strength, courage and commitment. This person is an idol of the author's youth.


This person is referred to as their Hebrew name Jeshua, discovered late in the book.

The Author's Parents

These people are unable in many ways to express devotion in any affectionate, loving way.

The Three Dressmakers

These people spent Friday nights in conversation around a kitchen table...

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