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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Bryson from continuing his hike in Pennsylvania when he is just hitting his stride?
(a) Tuckerman's Ravine
(b) Centralia Mine
(c) Lehigh Gap
(d) Palmerton Gorge

2. What mountain inspired Melville's Moby Dick.
(a) Mount Greylock
(b) Mount McKinley
(c) Mount Lafayette
(d) Mount Washington

3. Who set up the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy in 1785?
(a) Michael McKinley
(b) Gene Greylock
(c) Jeremy Washington
(d) Alden Partridge

4. How large were the Appalachian Mountains eons ago?
(a) As large as the Smokies
(b) As large as the Himalayas
(c) As large as the White Mountains
(d) As large as the Rockies

5. How many miles of the Appalachian Trail run through Pennsylvania?
(a) 145 miles
(b) 230 miles
(c) 50 miles
(d) 120 miles

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bryson believe beauty has become for most Americans?

2. What is the mountain that is a wall of rock 1,300 feet high above the Delaware River?

3. Which beautiful Appalachian ranges are at the north and west of Pennsylvania?

4. Why do Bryson and Katz hike to old iron works?

5. What do Bryson and Katz have to cross over in the Maine woods?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what is killing the hemlock trees along the AT in the Blue Ridge Mountains and how is it being treated.

2. Describe Bryson's thoughts on areas through which he thinks the Appalachian Trail should pass.

3. Describe what Bryson finds strange about the town of Centralia.

4. Summarize why Bryson is so angry about Katz drinking again.

5. What is the decision that Bryson and Katz make after Katz gets lost in the woods.

6. Describe the circumstances when Bryson comes close to becoming a hypothermia victim.

7. Summarize the statistics Laurie Potteiger, the Information Specialist at Harper's Ferry, gives to Bryson about the number of thru hikers who hiked the Appalachian Trail the year before.

8. Summarize Bryson's experience hiking in Pennsylvania.

9. Describe how Bryson returns to the hotel room in Waynesboro after he walks to Kmart.

10. How do Bryson and Katz adapt to hiking through Maine's wilderness?

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