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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bryson's goal before he meets up with Katz again?
(a) Hiking as much of New Hampshire as possible
(b) Joining a gym
(c) Staying in shape
(d) Hiking as much of Vermont as possible.

2. What is the mountain that is a wall of rock 1,300 feet high above the Delaware River?
(a) Potomac Mountain
(b) Washington Peak
(c) Kitattiny Mountain
(d) Potomac Peak

3. How far had Bryson and Katz hiked when they parted ways?
(a) 250 miles
(b) 500 miles
(c) 175 miles
(d) 65 miles

4. What is the total walking distance of the typical American in one week?
(a) 1.4 miles
(b) 7 miles
(c) 23 miles
(d) 5 miles

5. What would Bryson like to see along the Appalachian Trail?
(a) Historic farms and villages
(b) Restaurants
(c) Better accommodations
(d) Hotels

6. Which mountains are older than the oceans and continents?
(a) The Appalachians
(b) The Himalayas
(c) The Rockies
(d) The Smokies

7. What do Bryson and Katz have to cross over in the Maine woods?
(a) Wooden bridges
(b) Man made rope ladders
(c) Farmland
(d) Lagoons and rivers

8. For what is Bryson yearning?
(a) A cheeseburger
(b) Seeing a black bear
(c) Hiking with Katz
(d) Real hiking

9. Why do Bryson and Katz hike to old iron works?
(a) They are looking for a ride out of the wilderness.
(b) It is a tourist attraction.
(c) It has a shelter.
(d) It has a cafeteria.

10. What does Bryson believe beauty has become for most Americans?
(a) Something to cherish
(b) Something to drive to
(c) Something to savor
(d) Something to ignore

11. Who is Bryson's hiking partner on his day hikes in New Hampshire?
(a) His wife
(b) Mary Ellen
(c) Stephen Katz
(d) Bill Abdu

12. What is Bryson afraid is staring at him when he sees two glowing eyes in the darkness?
(a) A wolf
(b) A skunk
(c) A bear
(d) A cougar

13. Where is Bryson's wife supposed to pick them up, now that the first stage of the hike is over?
(a) Front Royal
(b) Dalton
(c) Cabin Creek
(d) Mount Washington

14. How many miles of the Appalachian Trail run through Pennsylvania?
(a) 120 miles
(b) 145 miles
(c) 230 miles
(d) 50 miles

15. What is unusual about the town of Centralia?
(a) It has rare flowering trees.
(b) An underground fire has been burning for decades.
(c) It has a rare form of iron ore.
(d) It has toxic waterways.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Katz leave the trail and go into the woods?

2. What are the weather conditions like on Mount Washington?

3. What is the name of the mountain Bryson is hiking when it begins to rain?

4. What became of the grand hotels that were built on Mt. Washington?

5. What is killing all the hemlock trees along the Appalachian Trail?

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