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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the mountain that is a wall of rock 1,300 feet high above the Delaware River?
(a) Potomac Peak
(b) Washington Peak
(c) Kitattiny Mountain
(d) Potomac Mountain

2. What prevents Bryson from continuing his hike in Pennsylvania when he is just hitting his stride?
(a) Centralia Mine
(b) Tuckerman's Ravine
(c) Lehigh Gap
(d) Palmerton Gorge

3. What do Bryson and Katz do when they reach the logging road?
(a) Hitchhike
(b) Eat lunch
(c) Pitch the tent
(d) Take a nap

4. How large were the Appalachian Mountains eons ago?
(a) As large as the White Mountains
(b) As large as the Smokies
(c) As large as the Himalayas
(d) As large as the Rockies

5. For what is Bryson yearning?
(a) A cheeseburger
(b) Real hiking
(c) Hiking with Katz
(d) Seeing a black bear

6. What is the name of the mountain Bryson is hiking when it begins to rain?
(a) Mt. Killingly
(b) Mt. McKinley
(c) Mt. Washington
(d) Mt. Lafayette

7. What does Bryson believe beauty has become for most Americans?
(a) Something to cherish
(b) Something to ignore
(c) Something to drive to
(d) Something to savor

8. How far had Bryson and Katz hiked when they parted ways?
(a) 65 miles
(b) 500 miles
(c) 175 miles
(d) 250 miles

9. Which beautiful Appalachian ranges are at the north and west of Pennsylvania?
(a) Washington, Lafayette, and McKinley
(b) Nittany, Jacks, and Tussey
(c) Overland Mountain, Pike's Peak, and Jefferson Range
(d) Crescent Peak, Clingman's Bluff, and Tuckerman's Ravine

10. What would Bryson like to see along the Appalachian Trail?
(a) Hotels
(b) Better accommodations
(c) Restaurants
(d) Historic farms and villages

11. Who joins Bryson and Katz in Gravel Springs Hut?
(a) Loud, obnoxious hikers
(b) A father and son
(c) John Connelly
(d) Chicken John

12. What is Bryson's goal before he meets up with Katz again?
(a) Hiking as much of Vermont as possible.
(b) Hiking as much of New Hampshire as possible
(c) Staying in shape
(d) Joining a gym

13. What happens to Bryson while hiking in the rain?
(a) He falls in the mud.
(b) He catches a cold.
(c) He slips down a cliff.
(d) He comes close to hypothermia.

14. What are the weather conditions like on Mount Washington?
(a) The weather is extreme and quickly changes.
(b) The weather is calm.
(c) The weather is usually warm and sunny.
(d) The weather is balmy.

15. What is unusual about the town of Centralia?
(a) It has a rare form of iron ore.
(b) It has toxic waterways.
(c) An underground fire has been burning for decades.
(d) It has rare flowering trees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katz tell Bryson he has to protect them from bears?

2. What mountain inspired Melville's Moby Dick.

3. What does Katz do because of loneliness and despair?

4. Why does Katz stay in his room while staying in Waynesboro?

5. What does Bryson discover when he walks to Kmart in Waynesboro?

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