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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about the airline person that prompts Bryson to question the man's intelligence?
(a) He is wearing a short-sleeved shirt in the winter time.
(b) He talks non-stop about European vacation spots.
(c) He talks about scary natural disasters such as earthquakes, tidal waves, forest fires.
(d) He gives a wide-eyed stare when told of Bill and Katz' destination.

2. What does Bryson consider a miracle about the Appalachian Trail?
(a) The trail has changed so many times in six decades.
(b) The trail is not as hard as he thought.
(c) The trail has existed for six decades.
(d) The trail has millions of visitors.

3. What is the primary role of the Forest Service?
(a) Develop scenic views, rest stops, and camping areas
(b) Negotiate with logging contractors
(c) Road building
(d) Maintaining hiking trails

4. Which is another of Bryson's fears?
(a) Inadequate planning
(b) Inadequate supplies
(c) Diseases
(d) Lack of needed stamina

5. What is the unexpected factor with the snowstorm?
(a) Rapid accumulation
(b) The total lack of wind
(c) Sudden onset
(d) The fierce wind

6. What was enacted in 1968 to create 25,000 miles of new hiking trails in America?
(a) The Federal Hiking Act
(b) The National Trails System Act
(c) The Federal Trail Development Act
(d) The National Hiking Act

7. What do Bryson and Katz talk about as they dine in the Georgia Mountain Restaurant in Hiawassee?
(a) The great food in the finest restaurants in Boston and New York
(b) The pros and cons of renting a mule
(c) The life and times of a cockroach
(d) The abandonment of their uninvited hiking partner

8. Which true story by author, Herrero, describes the injuries a grizzly can deliver quickly?
(a) A bear tore all the skin from the back and the butt of a hiker squatting for a rest stop.
(b) A woman hiker got her leg bitten clean off and survived.
(c) A woman tourist was attacked and her 3 month old baby was eaten whole by a bear.
(d) A hunter got his face ripped off by a supposedly dead bear and survived.

9. What is the condition of Bryson's motel room in Hiawassee?
(a) Neat but unclean
(b) Neat and clean
(c) Barely furnished
(d) Battered and dumpy

10. How are Bryson and Katz covering the last 11 miles to Hiawassee?
(a) A very fast walking pace
(b) Hitchhiking
(c) A very slow walking pace
(d) An unusual number of sitting rest stops

11. What do Katz and Bryson hear about Mary Ellen two days after they leave her behind?
(a) She is hiking with other hikers.
(b) She got lost in the woods.
(c) She managed to get ahead of them.
(d) She dropped out with blisters on her feet.

12. What was the famous event that took place in Dayton in 1925?
(a) Gangland shooting
(b) Scopes trial
(c) Flash flood
(d) Dayton tornado

13. Why are grizzly bears not a concern on the trail?
(a) The Park Service shoots all grizzly bears on sight.
(b) Disease unique to the grizzly bear has wiped out the population.
(c) The black bear population has driven off the grizzly bears.
(d) Grizzly bears do not roam east of the Mississippi River.

14. How long is the average hike time for the complete trail?
(a) 3 months
(b) Four months
(c) 2 months
(d) 10 weeks

15. Who sees hiking as a dirty, pointless endeavor?
(a) Bryson
(b) Mary Ellen
(c) Katz
(d) Bryson's wife

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the footpath around Big Butt especially dangerous?

2. What do Bryson and Katz decide to do when they see a full map of the Appalachian Trail?

3. In March and April, what percent of hikers drop out the first week?

4. What is the major drawback of AT trail maps?

5. Where does Bryson suggest he and Katz go to begin hiking again?

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