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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the highest point on the Appalachian Trail?
(a) Pike's Peak
(b) Crescent Ridge
(c) Clingman's Dome
(d) The Blue Ridge Mountains

2. What creatures were living in Birch Spring Gap Shelter?
(a) Skunks
(b) Chipmunks
(c) Mice
(d) Rats

3. What is the unexpected factor with the snowstorm?
(a) The total lack of wind
(b) Rapid accumulation
(c) The fierce wind
(d) Sudden onset

4. What do Katz and Bryson hear about Mary Ellen two days after they leave her behind?
(a) She is hiking with other hikers.
(b) She managed to get ahead of them.
(c) She got lost in the woods.
(d) She dropped out with blisters on her feet.

5. What is the primary role of the Forest Service?
(a) Road building
(b) Negotiate with logging contractors
(c) Maintaining hiking trails
(d) Develop scenic views, rest stops, and camping areas

6. What item does Katz throw out of his pack to lighten the weight?
(a) Coffee filters
(b) Cans of stew
(c) A huge salami
(d) Canned fruit

7. In what year is the Appalachian Trail formally completed?
(a) 1937
(b) 1952
(c) 1925
(d) 1963

8. What does Bryson conclude is the best advice in dealing with a bear in your midst?
(a) Never run and attempt to hide because the bear will always pursue.
(b) Always run and attempt to hide and the bear will lose interest.
(c) No one really knows; opinions vary and contradict each other.
(d) Loudly sing a song because a bear will listen to unfamiliar sounds and will then depart.

9. What types of trees grew in the forest of the Appalachian Trail in 1948?
(a) Birch, aspen, and elm
(b) Maple, white oak, and red pine
(c) Swamp maple, pear, and crab apple
(d) Dogwood, elm, hemlock, balsam fir, and red spruce

10. Where does Bryson reside in the beginning of the book?
(a) Pennsylvania
(b) Maine
(c) Georgia
(d) New Hampshire

11. In March and April, what percent of hikers drop out the first week?
(a) 14
(b) 5
(c) 10
(d) 20

12. What is the name of the amusement park Dolly Parton built in Gatlinburg?
(a) Partonville
(b) Partonwood
(c) Dollyville
(d) Dollywood

13. What is college student, Zack, doing about the snowbound situation?
(a) Assembling a posse to hike to Franklin for help.
(b) Constructing a temporary hut to expand sleeping area.
(c) Attempting to radio his father for evacuation.
(d) Renting a van and taking 15 hikers to the town of Franklin.

14. Who is one of the most famous thru hikers of the Appalachian Trail?
(a) John Connelly
(b) Crazy Bob
(c) Emma Grandma Gatewood
(d) Chicken John

15. What is causing Bryson and Katz to hurry the descent of Blood Mountain?
(a) Thoughts of Walasi-Yi Inn, having sandwiches and ice cream
(b) Katz is sick and getting sicker
(c) A substantial storm is almost upon them
(d) They have seen 3 bears

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are grizzly bears not a concern on the trail?

2. What is an accurate description of Bryson and Katz's new friend?

3. What is the date Bryson and Katz begin their walk in the woods?

4. Which group is responsible for the maintenance of the trail?

5. How do Katz and Bryson get to Knoxville?

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