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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the pack weight for the average Appalachian hiker?
(a) 35 pounds
(b) 40 pounds
(c) 45 pounds
(d) 50 pounds

2. Who sees hiking as a dirty, pointless endeavor?
(a) Katz
(b) Bryson
(c) Mary Ellen
(d) Bryson's wife

3. What is the major drawback of AT trail maps?
(a) The maps are not weatherproof, disintegrate easily.
(b) The maps are big and bulky.
(c) The are too many inaccuracies.
(d) Lack of detail makes the maps almost useless.

4. What is college student, Zack, doing about the snowbound situation?
(a) Renting a van and taking 15 hikers to the town of Franklin.
(b) Assembling a posse to hike to Franklin for help.
(c) Constructing a temporary hut to expand sleeping area.
(d) Attempting to radio his father for evacuation.

5. What mountain inspired Melville's Moby Dick.
(a) Mount Washington
(b) Mount McKinley
(c) Mount Greylock
(d) Mount Lafayette

Short Answer Questions

1. What occupies Bryson's thoughts as he awaits springtime?

2. What is the name of the blind man who hikes the entire Appalachian Trail with his seeing eye dog?

3. What is the mountain that is a wall of rock 1,300 feet high above the Delaware River?

4. Which true story by author, Herrero, describes the injuries a grizzly can deliver quickly?

5. Who gives Bryson gear shopping etiquette instructions?

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