Objects & Places from A Walk in the Woods

Bill Bryson
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Appalachian Trail - This is the setting of the book, stretching nearly 2,200 miles from northern Georgia to Maine.

Springer Mountain - The southern trailhead of the trail where the main characters start hiking after they arrive in Atlanta.

Snickers - Katz bring an entire dufflebag of these treats when he starts the hike.

Walking Stick - Bryson's children give him one of these as a gift when he sets out on the trail. He loses it somewhere in Virginia.

Amicalola Falls Lodge - The night before setting out on the AT, Bryson and Katz spend the night here. It is seven miles from their starting point at Springer Mountain in northern Georgia.

Noodles - Most of Bryson's and Katz's meals consist of this staple.

Walasi Yi Inn - This place is Katz's first chance to shower and stock up on food after entering the woods at Springer...

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