Objects & Places from A Walk in the Woods

Bill Bryson
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Appalachian Trail

This is the setting of the book, stretching nearly 2,200 miles from northern Georgia to Maine.

Springer Mountain

The southern trailhead of the trail where the main characters start hiking after they arrive in Atlanta.


Katz bring an entire dufflebag of these treats when he starts the hike.

Walking Stick

Bryson's children give him one of these as a gift when he sets out on the trail. He loses it somewhere in Virginia.

Amicalola Falls Lodge

The night before setting out on the AT, Bryson and Katz spend the night here. It is seven miles from their starting point at Springer Mountain in northern Georgia.


Most of Bryson's and Katz's meals consist of this staple.

Walasi Yi Inn

This place is Katz's first chance to shower and stock up on food after entering the woods at Springer Mountain.

Big Butt Mountain

Bryson and Katz reach...

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