A Walk in the Woods Fun Activities

Bill Bryson
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Trail Map

Make a trail map of the Appalachian Trail, pointing out all the spots Bryson and Katz stopped.

Send a Postcard

Choose one of the towns where Bryson and Katz stopped and make an illustrated post card to send home. Draw a picture on the front and a message about your hike on the back.

Things to Pack

Pretend to be going on the Appalachian Trail with Bryson. Make a list of all the gear you would pack in your backpack for the hike. Label each item as either a necessity or optional.

Change the Ending

Rewrite the final two chapters of the book, changing the events that take place.

Keep a Journal

Pretend to be Bryson, writing in a journal entry each day about the different places you and Katz are stopping and the sights you are seeing along the trail.

Word Search Puzzle

Develop a...

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