A Walk in the Woods Character Descriptions

Bill Bryson
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Bill Bryson

This character decides to hike the Appalachian Trail after living in England for twenty years, wanting to reconnect with his home country's landscape.

Stephen Katz

This overweight, reformed alcoholic accompanies the main character on the hike along the Appalachian Trail.

Dave Mengle

This character works at the sporting goods store in Hanover where the hiking partners buy all their gear for the trip.

Mary Ellen

This critical, talkative hiker attaches herself to the main characters along the trail, insulting and annoying them.

Chicken John

This man is a thru-hiker who is famous for constantly getting lost.

Bill Abdu

This orthopedic surgeon accompanies the main character on some of his New Hampshire day hikes during the summer.

Joan Bishop

This kindly old woman who owns a boarding house in Milo, Maine, and welcomes hikers when they emerge from the Hundred Mile Wilderness.

Bryson's Wife

This character often...

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