A Walk in the Woods Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bill Bryson
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Chapter 1

• Bill Bryson decides to hike the Appalachian Trail.

• Bryson researches the facts about the trail including snakebites, poison ivy, rivers, and diseases.
• Bryson goes to the sporting goods store and stocks up on hiking gear.

• Bryson's hiking gear is very expensive.

Chapter 2

• Bryson adds a note in his Christmas cards inviting friends to go on the hike with him.

• Stephen Katz, an old friend of Bryson, asks to go hiking the AT with him.
• Katz is out of shape and overweight.

• Bryson and Katz find out that there is record cold in Georgia where they will start the trail.

Chapter 3

• Bryson and Katz discover that one of the hardest things about the Appalachian Trail is often simply getting onto it.

• Bryson and Katz have to hike seven miles to get on the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain.
• Bryson and Katz spend the night in Amicaloloa Falls Lodge...

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