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Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Along the way, Cooper and Peter stop at a country store to buy a feast. Who joins them?
(a) An old woman.
(b) An old man.
(c) The store owner.
(d) They dine alone.

2. In Chapter 7, What does Peter's host want to find out?
(a) If Peter is telling the truth about being on his property.
(b) Where Peter was born.
(c) What Cooper likes to eat.
(d) What time it is.

3. What does the special officer think Peter's profession is?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A therapist.
(c) A drug dealer.
(d) A writer.

4. In Chapter 12, where does Peter stay after leaving the sheriff's house?
(a) In a hostel.
(b) In a hotel.
(c) In a camp outside of town.
(d) In his car.

5. In Chapter 2, we learn Peter married while in College. Whom did he marry?
(a) A classmate.
(b) His roommate.
(c) His high-school sweetheart.
(d) His roommate's sister.

6. In Chapter 9, Peter and Scott become lost on the mountain. How do they treat each other?
(a) They have a fist fight.
(b) They become irritated with each other.
(c) They treat each other kindly.
(d) They become closer.

7. What historic event do we learn that Peter attended during his college years?
(a) The Tianamen Square protests.
(b) Woodstock.
(c) Vietnam.
(d) Lollapalooza.

8. In Chapter 4, Peter visits a place which will provide him equipment on his journey. What is this place?
(a) National Geographic.
(b) A grocery store.
(c) A camping store.
(d) A bookstore.

9. In Chapter 2, we learn why Peter starts his journey. What is the reason?
(a) He wants to see if America is as bad as he believes.
(b) His parents ask him to move out.
(c) He is bored.
(d) He loses his job.

10. What date does Peter start his journey?
(a) February, 1973.
(b) March, 1973.
(c) October, 1973.
(d) July, 1973.

11. What type of weather did Peter and Cooper encounter while traveling through Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina?
(a) Harsh winter.
(b) Breezy Spring.
(c) Warm summer.
(d) Early Fall.

12. What is the book A Walk Across America about?
(a) A man's journey across America and what he learns.
(b) The reuniting of a family.
(c) A story of a woman who battles the elements across America.
(d) The travels of a dog who ran away from home.

13. What city do Peter and Cooper arrive in at the end of Chapter 3?
(a) Washington, DC.
(b) Portland, Maine.
(c) New York, New York.
(d) Hartford, Connecticut .

14. Where did Peter grow up?
(a) A farm.
(b) The suburbs.
(c) On a lake.
(d) The city.

15. At the end of Chapter 12, how does Peter feel people perceive him?
(a) As a loveable guy.
(b) As a drug dealing hippie.
(c) As a mean spirited person.
(d) As a cranky old man.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 10, a group of animals attack Peter, Scott, and Cooper. What type of animals are they?

2. While walking through the mountains Peter realizes something. What does he realize?

3. What does Peter wear that is controversial?

4. In Chapter 5, who stops to help Peter and Cooper?

5. Where are Peter and Cooper when Chapter 8 begins?

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