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Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23-26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does M.C. startle Peter?
(a) He is carrying a pistol.
(b) He sneaks up behind him and shouts, "Boo!"
(c) M.C. looks like Peter's father.
(d) M.C. is a beautiful woman.

2. In Chapter 23, Peter is debating traveling to which two states?
(a) Oregon or Seattle.
(b) Louisianna or Texas.
(c) Mississippi or Alabama.
(d) North Carolina or South Carolina.

3. Where does Peter meet. M.C.?
(a) In a restaurant while eating meatloaf.
(b) In a store while buying clothes.
(c) In a country store while writing a postcard.
(d) In a bank while writing a check.

4. What is Peter's first reaction upon encountering the challenge in Chapter 5?
(a) To keep going.
(b) To give up.
(c) To call home.
(d) To cry.

5. In Chapter 24, a pickup truck pulls over to Peter. Who is driving the truck?
(a) A young woman.
(b) A drunk man.
(c) An old man.
(d) Peter's dad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attends the celebration at the end of Chapter 18?

2. What code does Peter use to describe Alabama?

3. Homer is better then Peter at what?

4. In Chapter 22, what does the vet tell Peter about Cooper?

5. By the end of Chapter 22, who does Peter realize he may be searching for?

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