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Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, a local establishment provides Peter with items for him to carry on his trip. How many items do they provide him with?
(a) Enough to last him his entire trip.
(b) Ten pounds.
(c) As many as he can reasonably carry.
(d) A car-load full.

2. What is the weather like at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) Cold.
(b) Hot.
(c) Humid.
(d) Raining.

3. Why does Peter's host make this offer?
(a) Peter's clothes were ruined in the avalanche.
(b) He thinks walking will take Peter too long.
(c) He wants Peter to eat.
(d) He feels he is old and going to die soon.

4. In Chapter 7, what does Peter promise his host before leaving?
(a) That he will dedicate his book to him.
(b) That he will return to see him again.
(c) That he will name his first child after him.
(d) That he will pay his rent.

5. What type of weather did Peter and Cooper encounter while traveling through Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina?
(a) Warm summer.
(b) Harsh winter.
(c) Early Fall.
(d) Breezy Spring.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Peter reach Washington, DC?

2. In Chapter 3, what does the individual do after he helps Peter and Cooper?

3. Who is Cooper?

4. How is Homer described?

5. What is Peter's first reaction upon encountering the challenge in Chapter 5?

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