Objects & Places from A Walk Across America

Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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Alfred, New York - This is the city where the author begins his travels. This part of the journey is only a test run.

Washington, D.C. - In this city, the author speaks with people at National Geographic.

National Geographic - This organization supplies the author with materials he will need for his journey.

Cooper - This is the author's constant companion and best friend.

Veneer Mill - It is at this place that the author meets Oscar Winkler and Lemm Smith.

The Farm - This is the location the author goes to in Tennessee. It is here that Cooper dies.

The Revival - The author arrives at this destination on his way to a party in Mobile, Alabama. It is here the author finds Jesus.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary - This is were the author stays to focus on writing. It is also here...

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