Objects & Places from A Walk Across America

Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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Alfred, New York

This is the city where the author begins his travels. This part of the journey is only a test run.

Washington, D.C.

In this city, the author speaks with people at National Geographic.

National Geographic

This organization supplies the author with materials he will need for his journey.


This is the author's constant companion and best friend.

Veneer Mill

It is at this place that the author meets Oscar Winkler and Lemm Smith.

The Farm

This is the location the author goes to in Tennessee. It is here that Cooper dies.

The Revival

The author arrives at this destination on his way to a party in Mobile, Alabama. It is here the author finds Jesus.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

This is were the author stays to focus on writing. It is also here the author meets his future spouse.

Genesis, Chapter 24


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