A Walk Across America Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter Jenkins (travel author)
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Chapter 1-4

• Chapter 1

• Peter and Cooper are at a country store telling people about their journey.

• The reader gains insight into Peter's past. He grew up in a suburban home and felt emotionally empty most of his life. He uses drugs and alcohol to fill the void.
• Chapter 2

• Peter discusses his life during college.

• Peter reveals he was married to his high school sweetheart but they get divorced.

• Peter decides to walk across America.
• Chapter 3

• Peter and Cooper travel from New York to Washington, DC.

• Along the way Cooper is attacked by a porcupine. A kind stranger stops to help them.

• Peter and Cooper arrive in DC on October 30, 1973
• Chapter 4

• Peter goes to National Geographic and asks for a camera to document his trip.

• Peter's family arrive in Washington, DC to see him off on his journey.

• Peter is excited about his trip.

Chapter 5-8

• Chapter 5

• Peter and...

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