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Nancy Willard
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which characters all depart during Poem 16?
(a) The sheep, lamb, and goat.
(b) The Marmalade Man, mice, and dragons.
(c) William Blake, Mrs. Blake, and the tailor.
(d) Cow, rabbit, tiger, rat, and cat.

2. What are the materials used by the tailor to build a house in Poem 15?
(a) Stars and the Milky Way.
(b) Bat's wool, mouse fur, and mole's skin.
(c) Silk and wool.
(d) Hay and onion skin.

3. What is the rare rhythmic form employed in Poem 14?
(a) Troachic.
(b) Iambic.
(c) Couplet.
(d) Sonnet.

4. Which two characters have to make amends in Poem 12?
(a) The boy and rabbit.
(b) The lamb and tiger.
(c) The fox and hound.
(d) The cat and rat.

5. Which character mentioned in Poem 8 shines with dew?
(a) The rabbit.
(b) The sunflower.
(c) The Moon.
(d) The grass.

6. What is the rhythmic form of Poem 15?
(a) Iambic quadrameter in AABB form.
(b) Iambic hexameter in ABBA form.
(c) Iambic hexameter in AABB form.
(d) Iambic quadrameter in ABBA form.

7. What is the ballad form of Poem 8?
(a) ABCB.
(b) ABBA.
(c) ABCA.
(d) ABCC.

8. Which character mentioned during Poem 8 is tired?
(a) The sunflower.
(b) The boy.
(c) The rabbit.
(d) William Blake.

9. Which character notices that stars are falling in Poem 10?
(a) The cat.
(b) The boy.
(c) The tiger.
(d) The rabbit.

10. From what objects does green light emanate in Poem 10?
(a) The shoes.
(b) The gloves.
(c) The dirt.
(d) The stars.

11. Which character mentioned in Poem 9 holds a telescope and is captain?
(a) The rabbit.
(b) The boy.
(c) William Blake.
(d) The Marmalade Man.

12. Which character mentioned in Poem 9 loves puns?
(a) The cow.
(b) The Marmalade Man.
(c) The boy.
(d) The rabbit.

13. Which character has been pilfering food from William Blake in Poem 15?
(a) The tiger.
(b) The boy.
(c) The tailor's wife.
(d) The tailor.

14. In the epigraph of Poem 16, what is the reader reminded to do?
(a) Visit the inn.
(b) Have a face that gives light.
(c) Share food with others.
(d) Rest at the inn.

15. What object was captured by the tailor using a trap of lime and twigs in Poem 15?
(a) Mouse fur.
(b) Robin's wings.
(c) Snail's feet.
(d) Bat's wool.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two characters are right beside the tiger in Poem 14?

2. Which character receives only a handful of dirt in Poem 10?

3. What is the rhyme form of Poem 11?

4. Which poetic form employed in Poem 8 is slower than the iambic form?

5. What is the only area that stays warm despite the cold wind in Poem 11?

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