A Visit to William Blake's Inn Short Essay - Answer Key

Nancy Willard
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1. Describe the little boy's appearance in the Frontispiece.

The little boy is dressed in a charming short-jacketed sailor outfit with a sailor hat and a lace collar. He is a traveler who carries a hatbox and a simple suitcase and stands ready to go.

2. What does the Frontispiece accomplish?

This short poem sets the stage for the magical nature of the poems, and the upcoming journey to Blake's Inn.

3. What aspect of the Frontispiece's story appears out of this world?

The heavenly elements of the Sun, Moon, Air, and Star are all conversing with each other, showing that this journey is not a typical one.

4. What kind of journey does the boy embark upon in the Frontispiece?

The little boy is going on a spiritual journey that is extraordinary and will lead him to Blake's Inn.

5. Describe Nancy Willard as a child.

Nancy Willard enjoyed listening to the stories of her babysitter Miss Pratt when she was a child. When she was seven years old, she got the measles and had to stay in bed.

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