A Visit to William Blake's Inn Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Nancy Willard
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Poem 15, "Blake Tells the Tiger the Tale of the Tailor".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Introduction, who explains how the book was born?
(a) Miss Pratt.
(b) Babysitter.
(c) Nancy Willard.
(d) Tyger.

2. Which character mentioned in Poem 10 receives golden stars?
(a) The boy.
(b) The rabbit.
(c) The tiger.
(d) The cat.

3. What aspects of the characters is displayed in the illustration of Poem 2?
(a) Full face only.
(b) Side profiles.
(c) Back views.
(d) Full face and full profile.

4. What does the boy's friend tell him will be as soft as hay in Poem 3?
(a) The bear's arms.
(b) The featherbed of the angel.
(c) The blanket on the floor.
(d) The Marmalade Man's hat.

5. Which character mentioned in Poem 7 stands on gossamer white clouds?
(a) Serving girl.
(b) The cow.
(c) The boy.
(d) William Blake.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character signs the dedication on the title page in the Introduction?

2. Through what does the Marmalade Man asks the other characters to follow him in Poem 12?

3. Which character in the Introduction wonders what is real and what is not when staring at the ceiling?

4. Which character in Poem 10 gives out rewards?

5. Which character wakes up during Poem 4 and wants to know what the rumbling sound is?

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