Objects & Places from A Visit to William Blake's Inn

Nancy Willard
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Blake's Inn - Rendered in the illustrations in 3-D, this place is the setting for most of the action in the poems.

Featherbeds - This object sheds feathers that show up as snow far away and appears in the rooms. Children use the feathers that fall from this object to make snowmen.

Blake's Wonderful Car - This object has wheels, a bird's head and tail, helicopter-like spinning blades, flags, and a hot air balloon.

The Fire - Considered attractive for being bright with a hissing sound, this object warms up the travelers.

The Boy's Room - This object offers the boy safety and security in the inn, replacing familiar items with safe and appropriate items.

The Luggage - This object changes into an envelope and goes from being inert to purring and speaking to the boy.

The Driver - Attired in a green mackintosh, green boots, and...

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