Daily Lessons for Teaching A Visit to William Blake's Inn

Nancy Willard
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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: In the Frontispiece, the objective of this lesson is to introduce the boy as a main character who is embarking upon a magical journey and how he is influenced by four heavenly characters, the Sun, Moon, Air, and Star.

1) For Class Discussion: The four characters speak to each other about the journey and the travelers. The boy appears dressed as a sailor and ready for an adventure. What makes this journey atypical? What effect do you think seeing and hearing the heavenly characters has on the boy?

2) Group Discussion: What significance do you think the choice of heavenly characters has on the storyline? What kind of characters do you expect? How will they look, feel, and act?

3) Individual Writing Assignment: Pick one of the heavenly characters to write about and describe this character in relationship to the other characters. How is this character different?

4) For homework...

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