A Visit to William Blake's Inn Character Descriptions

Nancy Willard
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William Blake

A compelling storyteller, this character travels across the Milky Way and is able to tame beasts including dragons, tigers, cats, and rabbits.


Appearing first in Poem 1, mentioned briefly in Poem 6, and again in the Epilogue, these characters are responsible for preparing bread and brewing beer at the inn.


Known for their patience, these characters perform housekeeping at the inn such as washing and shaking featherbeds.

The Boy Speaking in First Person

Dressed in a short-waisted sailor coat, this character is at first frightened and discouraged to find a bear instead of a bed.

The Rabbit

Receiving silver shoes on the trip to the Milky Way, this character is a punster, dances with the Marmalade Man, and sleeps with the tiger.

The Tiger

Going for a ride on the magic car and a walk on the Milky Way, this...

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