A Visit to William Blake's Inn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nancy Willard
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• In the Frontispiece, the Sun, Air, Moon, and Star engage in conversation.

• This verse sets the stage for a magical trip.
• In the Frontispiece, the little boy dressed in a sailor's outfit is ready to go on a journey.

• The journey is a magical and spiritual trip to Blake's inn.

Introduction, "Introduction to William Blake's Inn"

• In the Introduction, we meet a seven year-old Nancy Willard who has measles and does not want to go to bed.

• She likes to hear bedtime stories from her babysitter, Miss Pratt.

• Nancy receives a book by William Blake called Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.
• In the Introduction, Nancy does not know if the book came from Miss Pratt or William Blake.

• Miss Pratt and Nancy have a lively discussion, which makes Nancy wonder what is real and what is not.

• Nancy is curious about the creatures that inhabit...

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