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Jennifer Egan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13: Pure Language.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 6 is written from the point of view of ____.
(a) Scotty.
(b) Rhea.
(c) Bennie.
(d) Dolly.

2. What does Stephanie find in Bennie's pocket?
(a) Bobby pin.
(b) Condom.
(c) Phone number.
(d) Business card.

3. How much did the stolen pen cost?
(a) $260.
(b) $221.
(c) $179.
(d) $310.

4. Which was not a member of Bennie's childhood crowd?
(a) Scotty.
(b) Jocelyn.
(c) Rhea.
(d) Bobby.

5. With whom did Jocelyn have her first kiss?
(a) Bennie.
(b) Rolph.
(c) Lou.
(d) Scotty.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does the "perfect" pause last?

2. "Movie stars always look ____ when you see them."

3. Who is Bennie's new assistant?

4. How old are Jocelyn and Rhea?

5. The hotel overlooked which street?

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