Daily Lessons for Teaching A Visit from the Goon Squad

Jennifer Egan
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: Found Objects)


Chapter 1: Found Objects

Sasha is a kleptomaniac. In the beginning of the story, Sasha cannot resist stealing a wallet from a woman's open purse in a hotel ladies room. Discuss kleptomania and the reason Sasha cannot resist stealing regardless of the item.


1) Class Discussion: What is a kleptomaniac? Use internet resources to study kleptomania. What causes it? Why do people do it habitually, even after they get caught? Is it a symptom of another or bigger issue? Is there a treatment or cure? Is kleptomania a behavior, addiction or disease?

2) Class Discussion: How did Sasha become a kleptomaniac? How did it start? How did it change? What was the purpose behind the action and activity? How do you think the Sasha learned about it? What cures might have been tried? How difficult do you think it would be to change the behaviors of a kleptomaniac...

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