A Visit from the Goon Squad Character Descriptions

Jennifer Egan
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Bennie Salazar - This character is from Daly City, California ,but moves to San Francisco in his junior year of high school.

Sasha Blake - This character 's story travels back and forth from the time she is 17 when she ran away with a drummer from the band the Pinheads.

Lou Kline - This character is a record producer from LA.

Scotty Hausman - This character is a slide guitar player with Bennie's punk band from San Francisco.

La Doll - This character is the hottest publicist in New York until a horrible accident occurs at one of her parties.

Stephanie Salazar - This character is Bennie's wife and mother to Christopher.

Bosco - This character is the guitarist for the Conduits, the band that made Bennie's career.

Jules Jones - This character is an up and coming writer who continually does things to mess up his...

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