A Visit from the Goon Squad Character Descriptions

Jennifer Egan
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Bennie Salazar

This character is from Daly City, California ,but moves to San Francisco in his junior year of high school.

Sasha Blake

This character 's story travels back and forth from the time she is 17 when she ran away with a drummer from the band the Pinheads.

Lou Kline

This character is a record producer from LA.

Scotty Hausman

This character is a slide guitar player with Bennie's punk band from San Francisco.

La Doll

This character is the hottest publicist in New York until a horrible accident occurs at one of her parties.

Stephanie Salazar

This character is Bennie's wife and mother to Christopher.


This character is the guitarist for the Conduits, the band that made Bennie's career.

Jules Jones

This character is an up and coming writer who continually does things to mess up his own life.

Kitty Jackson

This character is a young...

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