A Visit from the Goon Squad Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jennifer Egan
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Chapter 1: Found Objects

• Reader is introduced to Sasha, a kleptomaniac.

• Sasha is on a date with a man named Alex.
• Sasha steals a wallet from a woman in the ladies room.

• Sasha returns the wallet.
• Alex goes home with Sasha.

• Sasha steals a piece of paper from Alex's wallet.

Chapter 2: The Gold Cure

• Reader is introduced to Bennie Salazar.

• Bennie is in a meeting with senior executives.

• The group discusses a girl band.

• Bennie thinks about kissing a nun in his youth.
• Bennie agrees to visit the girl band.

• Bennie reveals his secret for vitality.

• Bennie, Sasha and Bennie's son sit in on a jam session.
• Bennie has an anxiety attack.

• Bennie's behavior stuns Sasha.

Chapter 3: Ask Me if I Care

• Reader is introduced to Rhea.

• Rhea and her band mates go to Alice's house.

• Alice is not especially liked by the other girls.

• The year is 1979 and...

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