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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jack and Ruby believe happens to a person's spirit when they die?

2. Why did Ruby cry during the beach vacation?

3. What did Burr give Tiny Fran to leave?

4. Why didn't Jack and Ruby adopt any children?

5. Who attended his father's funeral with Burr?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the other migrant workers criticize Ruby for?

2. Why did Jack finally decide to hire a housekeeper?

3. Why does Jack remove the sheets? Why does Burr think Jack has removed the sheets?

4. What does Jack think of religious people?

5. What does Burr do for Jack, and how does this save his life?

6. Who was Tiny Fran's favorite child, and how did she treat the other one?

7. Why did Ruby cry when she found out that John Woodrow was dead?

8. After the week they got to spend with her, why were Jack and Ruby so upset went June went home?

9. After Ruby's spirit does not visit, what does Jack do the next day?

10. What did Roland do to Ruby's mule?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The title of the story is, "A Virtuous Woman". Explain who the title is referring to, and why the proverb is present at the beginning.

Essay Topic 2

Although death and grief are recurring themes in "A Virtuous Woman", the story does contain some comic relief; for example, the appearance of Mavis and her behavior. Cite other examples of comic relief from within the text and explain not only how it enhances the story but also why it is necessary.

Essay Topic 3

After realizing her mistake for marrying John Woodrow, Ruby is too ashamed to return home. After waiting all night for Ruby's ghost to visit him, Jack is too ashamed to tell Burr and June why he is drinking in the morning and why the sheets are no longer on the bed. Explore these two character's feelings of shame and whether or not they are justified.

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