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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did serving at Tiny Fran's wedding make Ruby think of?
(a) Her own sorry wedding.
(b) A fancy dinner.
(c) Her hatred for Tiny Fran.
(d) Sudie Bee scolding a servant for sticking his fingers in the cake.

2. Who interrupted Jack and Ruby's first conversation?
(a) June.
(b) A migrant worker.
(c) John Woodrow.
(d) Tiny Fran.

3. What does Ruby realize a dying person needs?
(a) Fun.
(b) Lots of food.
(c) To be held and confronted with reality, not empty consolation.
(d) To be told everything is going to be ok.

4. What did Burr tell Lonnie he thought of Tiny Fran?
(a) He was in love with her.
(b) He liked her ok.
(c) He hated her.
(d) She was his dream woman.

5. What did Ruby think of when Jack shot his gun?
(a) June.
(b) Tiny Fran.
(c) Murderers.
(d) John Woodrow.

6. What happened on John and Ruby's wedding night?
(a) Ruby left John.
(b) John ripped Ruby's clothing, pawed at her, and hurt her.
(c) They had a romantic evening.
(d) They got in a car wreck.

7. What did Jack do when his father died?
(a) Yelled at God.
(b) Took a nap.
(c) Yelled at Lonnie.
(d) Walked away.

8. What did John do that was the last straw for Ruby?
(a) Cheated.
(b) Beat her.
(c) Lied.
(d) Gambled.

9. How does Jack feel about Ruby after she has passed?
(a) He doesn't know she's dead.
(b) He is indifferent.
(c) He is glad she is gone.
(d) He loves and misses her.

10. Before John, what was the worst thing to happen to Ruby?
(a) She was kidnapped.
(b) Her father beat her up once.
(c) Her grandmother died.
(d) She was raped.

11. After finding her husband with another woman, what did Ruby do?
(a) Freaked out.
(b) Filed for divorce.
(c) Attacked her husband.
(d) Bought a pistol.

12. What does Ruby wish she could change?
(a) Her whole life.
(b) Her diagnosis and the way she handled Jack that day.
(c) Her marriage.
(d) Her name.

13. What does Jack think of Ruby's dying request?
(a) It is reasonable.
(b) It is impossible.
(c) It is selfish.
(d) It is disgusting.

14. How would Tiny Fran's physique best be described?
(a) Plump and pregnant.
(b) Tiny.
(c) Skinny.
(d) Muscular.

15. What does Jack say are the two things that carry on after you die?
(a) Land and children.
(b) Love and freedom.
(c) Friends and relatives.
(d) The world and universe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Lonnie ask Burr to marry Tiny Fran?

2. When recalling her diagnosis, what does Ruby think of?

3. How did meeting Ruby change Jack's life?

4. Did Jack think that Burr truly had a choice in marrying Tiny Fran?

5. After John's death, why didn't Ruby go back to her family's farm?

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