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Hoover Farm - This is where Jack works as a tenant farmer.

Pitt Farm - This is what Ruby's family owns.

Deep Freezer - This is the source of Jack's meals for several months after Ruby's death.

Sewing - This is what Ruby does for June in the weeks before her death.

Cigarettes - This is Ruby's bad habit that eventually kills her. It is also the last thing she asks for before she dies.

Pony Barn - This is where Jack finds Ruby's mule hanging when they return from vacation. Jack knows Roland did it, and this is confirmed by Burr.

Pistol - This is the object that Ruby buys to maim John Woodrow. After John's death, she gives it to Jack.

Jack's Work Clothes - These objects get ruined by the woman Jack hires to keep house. They are the last straw before Jack fires...

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