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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


In the first two chapters, the reader hears from two narrators, Jack and Ruby, about Ruby's death. Jack discusses the state of his life after Ruby has died, and Ruby narrates about preparing for her death. This lesson will focus on the theme of death.


1. Class discussion: In Chapter 2, Ruby is filling the deep freezer with food so Jack will be taken care of for a little while after she passes. She thinks back on the day she was diagnosed with cancer, and how Jack didn't think she was going to die. In what ways did Ruby prepare for her death? In what ways did Jack? Does it seem that Jack has accepted Ruby's passing? What has Ruby come to understand about death? What has Jack? How complex of an issue is dealing with death? How is this relayed in the story?

2. Independent work: Individually...

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