A Virtuous Woman Character Descriptions

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Blinking Jack Stokes

This character is a tenant farmer at the Hoover farm and has a spouse 20 years younger.

Ruby Pitt Woodrow Stokes

This character loves children and was the victim of an abusive marriage.

John Woodrow

This character is a handsome but abusive migrant worker who dies after a bar fight.


This character acquires the Hoover farm in exchange for marrying their daughter, who is pregnant out of wedlock.

Tiny Fran

This character is promiscuous and abusive.


This character is the child who succeeds in life despite neglect from one particular parent.


This character is an illegitimate child who becomes a criminal.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoover

These characters are the owners of a large farm where most of the story takes place.


This character is a devout Christian who is concerned about everyone's eternal soul.

The Pitt Family

These are loving people who...

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