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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened when the city of Hue was taken by the NLF and Northern troops in January, 1968?
(a) Citizens ran away and the city was nearly empty.
(b) The city was taken peacefully.
(c) Many people were murdered due to inadequate discipline.
(d) The NLF gave the directive to carry out massacres there.

2. What was the main goal of the Provisional Revolutionary Government, organized in 1969?
(a) To win the war by force and oust American forces.
(b) To influence public opinion on different fronts.
(c) To look better in the eyes of the Communist Party.
(d) To represent the Northern Vietnamese.

3. What did Tang and the nationalists feel the Paris agreement would give them an opportunity to do as described in Chapter 18?
(a) Increase the fears of partnership with the PRG.
(b) Proselytize to the Saigon regime.
(c) Get an agreement on paper.
(d) Fight externally for a settlement.

4. What were all of the attendants aware of at the PRG meeting in January of 1972?
(a) Their struggle was reaching a turning point.
(b) That the Soviets and China were pulling away.
(c) Cambodia would take over Vietnam.
(d) They were losing the war.

5. How did Nixon and Kissinger justify the Tet offensive bombings and invasion of Cambodia?
(a) It gained an essential year of time.
(b) It brought an end to the American anti-war protests.
(c) A propaganda war of words was won.
(d) It increased American unity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was life like for the PRG in general?

2. Who does Tang marry in the summer of 1976?

3. What were the watchwords of the danh va dam strategy used throughout the Paris talks?

4. Where did Tang's escape by boat from Vietnam end up taking him to freedom?

5. According to Tang in Chapter 16, how did America regard the country of Vietnam?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Tang arrived in Hanoi in 1974, after a thirty-year absence, what conditions did he encounter?

2. At the celebration for the victory of the North in Saigon, Tang asked Van Tien Dung where his Vietcong divisions one, three, five, seven, and nine are. What was his answer?

3. What was the theme of the seminars given to the Alliance/NLF/PRG leaders in Kratie?

4. What was the goal of Nixon's "Vietnamization," according to the NLF?

5. Why did the imminent signing of a negotiation agreement in Paris fill Tang and the nationalist forces with hope and excitement?

6. What caused Tran Back Dang to lose acceptance and blight his career with the COSVN?

7. What did the NLF fighters do when they were not fighting or sick?

8. Why had escaping Vietnam by boat become a great topic of conversation in the first days following northern liberation?

9. What became of Tang's two brothers, both of whom had stayed in Saigon throughout the war?

10. What access to information did the leaders of the PRG have in the Maquis?

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