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Truong Nhu Tang
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tang hope to obtain upon his trip as part of the PRG's delegation at Algiers' independence celebration?
(a) Material aid for a propaganda campaign.
(b) Support for the Khmer resistance.
(c) Juridicial reforms in Algeria.
(d) Help with Mme. Binh's world tour.

2. What effect did America's invasion into Cambodia have on the NLF?
(a) Acute physical and emotional hardship.
(b) A renewed spirit to fight the enemy.
(c) It had no effect.
(d) They gained the support of Cambodians.

3. What did the term "neutralize" mean within the context of the Phoenix Program?
(a) To leave alone.
(b) To save at all costs.
(c) To kill.
(d) To let sleep.

4. Why were the various sites for the PRG ministries chosen to be deep within the "Iron Triangle" of sanctuaries and bases, near the Cambodian border?
(a) To stifle communication with COSVN.
(b) It was what President Phat deeemed best.
(c) As good proection from B-52 and helicopter asssaults.
(d) To be close to the Gulf of Thailand.

5. Where were Tang's brothers, Quynh and Bich, sent on June 16, 1975?
(a) To their own reeducation points.
(b) To a Soviet camp.
(c) To Hanoi.
(d) To Saigon General Hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the PRG believe that having Tang's brothers working for the South Vietnamese government might help their cause?

2. In Chapter 21, what did Tang discover when he arrived in Saigon and telephoned his parents at his older brother's home?

3. What was the most popular weaponry used in the Front?

4. What did Tang do for his brother, Bich, in Chapter 22?

5. What was the American Senate's Hatfield amendment?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the celebration for the victory of the North in Saigon, Tang asked Van Tien Dung where his Vietcong divisions one, three, five, seven, and nine are. What was his answer?

2. What was the goal of Nixon's "Vietnamization," according to the NLF?

3. What access to information did the leaders of the PRG have in the Maquis?

4. What became of Tang's two brothers, both of whom had stayed in Saigon throughout the war?

5. Why does Tang come out of retirement and return to Saigon?

6. What did Presidential Minister Tran Buu Kiem whisper to Tang during one the last general meetings involving the leadership of the NLF, PRG, the alliance, and the mass organizations?

7. What did Nguyen Van Thieu make clear immediately upon Tran Van Lam's signing of the Paris accords?

8. How did the NLF gain the support of the local population near Kratie, along the western banks of the Mekong?

9. How did Tang come to the difficult conclusion that he had to leave Vietnam after all he had been through?

10. Why was Prince Sihanouk's removal as head of the Cambodian government a source of anxiety for the NLF?

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