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The Understanding

For Hume, this is that part of the mind that is conscious of its associated mechanisms.


Sense-data that human consciousness confronts directly and that are represented by other mental entities are called this.


These are the mental entities that represent impressions and those that are stored by the mind.


These are a series of basic categories for comparing ideas to impressions, impressions to impressions and ideas to ideas.

Pleasure and Pain

Hume sees this at the root of passions, moral judgments, and moral distinctions.

The Indirect Passions

They are related impressions to the self or other persons, such as pride, humility, and anger.


Hume thinks that this can motivate us only when supplemented by the passions. Hume famously argued that it is the slave of the passions.


For Hume, this is an impression with significant 'force and vivacity.'



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