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Lesson 1 (from Book 1, Part 1, Of Ideas, Their Origin, Composition, Connexion, Abstraction, Etc.)


The aim of this lesson is to introduce David Hume and his ideas.


1. Class discussion. In what way was Hume a skeptic and an empiricist and how have these stances influenced his works? What did 18th century critics think of Hume? How much have Hume's ideas influenced modern day society?

2. Divide the students into groups of three and ask each group to research a Hume book other than this one. What were his main arguments? What theories did he use to reach his conclusion? End the lesson by discussing what the students expect from A Treatise of Human Nature.

3. With the students, list all the questions they would like to ask Hume that they think would help them understand the book better. Divide the students into pairs and ask each pair to find answers to ten of the questions.

4. Homework. In preparation for tomorrow's lesson...

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